Thursday, March 28, 2013

So in which direction do you think the Phil Hughes setback is HEADED?

Joe Girardi today re-assured us that the Phil Hughes' back problem is, "not headed south."

"And while he will not be available on opening day, and we can't really specify exactly when he will be back......etc."

So here are my voting options ( pick one, write it down, send it to Mustang for validation and official counting ) :

1.  It is heading south.
2.  It is south already.
3.  It will not go south until later.
4.  But it is going south.

This season.


Hermodorus said...

Very Rumsfeldian multiple choice options, Alph.

Anonymous said...

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John Sterling said...

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John M said...

It's always warmer in the South, so while his back is going there it might be good for it. Maybe a little heat will help it loosen up and he'll be back in no time.

You can't predict baseball.