Monday, March 18, 2013

If Teixeira is out for the season, Jeter must move to third.

Do the math, folks. We cannot live with the status quo.
If Tex is really gone, as they say might be the case, we can’t expect Youkilis to play 3B all year. He’ll kill himself. He'll play 40 games, then poof, he's gone. That will leave Jason Nix throwing to Andy Phillips, or maybe Tony Clark. No way. We have one hope: That Eduardo Nunez conquers the yips and plays SS. If so, Jeter moves to third, and Youk plays first. We don’t have to trade young players for a quick fix that won’t amount to anything, anyway. It's the only way out.

Jeter to third. Listen: It’s going to happen eventually. Why not sooner, before everything goes down the drain. Or would we prefer to honor protocol and just go down with Jete playing shortstop, next to Jason and throwing to Kevin Maas?

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Bill "Moose" Skowron said...

Why not Jeter to First Base?