Monday, September 9, 2013

Betances not only gets shut out of games, the Yankees don't even bother hazing him

I was waiting this weekend to see eternal Yankee prospect Dellin Betances get his crack against those big, well-dug-in Boston sluggers, figuring that maybe what we need is a 6'8" state fair carney who throws a 98 mph fastball without a clue where it's going.

Well, instead of giving Dellin a shot, the Yankees called up guys who had gone home to mow their lawns. Did I miss something? Is he hurt? (Who isn't?) Is he fatigued? (I sure am). What happened? 

Then, today, the mystery deepens. The Yankees did their traditional hazing of rookies - (who can forget Joba as the Cowardly Lion and Ian Kennedy as Dorothy?) - with this 2013 edition of "rock stars."

Once again, in order to have a quorum of youth, the Yankees had to dress up a non-player: In this case, an interpreter, who stands in the middle. The others are Preston Claiborn, Cesar Cabral, Brett Marshall, David Adams and JR Murphy. But where is Dellin? Did I miss something?

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