Friday, September 6, 2013

"Death, oh death, where is thy sting?"

We all saw Mariano's " blown save" face again last night, didn't we?

Certainly, the Yankees missed far too many scoring and anti-scoring opportunities last night.

It is wondrously sad how pathetic the 2013 Yankee team looks against the red Sox.  Their facial hair stinks and makes them ugly.  It is their anti-Yankee thing.  But even their re-treads, all drug-free, make the plays that we no longer can.

Our best pitcher collapsed; our hitters tried but, when pressured to deliver, failed;  our old guys looked old and slow;  our young guys looked untalented.  Errors were made instead of game-saving plays.

Nonetheless, the win was still within our grasp.  The chance to cling to a hope were, again, dashed.  Have we become the Cubs?

In the end, as the ninth closed to an 8-8 tie, the 43 year old bulging face, with unbelieving eyes, looking to the heavens for an explanation, or better answer, told the story.   I flashed back to that dinky single that cost us the world series against the diamondbacks.  He had the look, then, also.

Technically, sure, we still had a shot.

 Girardi played his hand as best he could. He did what the baseball manual says you do, at home, with an ace like MO. But we all knew that the Yankees were not going to score again. We never win after MO is finished and there remains a game to be played.

 We aren't winning any of these next 3 games.

There will be no joy in Mudville this year.

Soon, we shall be removed from this misery.

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KD said...

But not tonight. We win tonight! you know why? Because I am bringing my personal juju to the game as well as any IIHIIFIIc juju that any of you guys send my way. I'll be juju-ed up, I tell you. The Bosocks don't stand a chance. Tell the Master to warm up his warble! we're winning tonight!!