Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who the hell is going to close for us next year? David Robertson? You think they're going to go all winter handing the job to Robertson, with the memory of him blowing the Mariano game, the last important game of the season?

I've frickin' had it.


SanJoseKid said...

David Robertson is a good-looking ballplayer, fits the Yankee mold. Nice repertoire of pitches. Community service that seems 100% genuine. But you are absolutely right, Duque. He puts up the numbers but cannot be described as "clutch." Most genuinely effective closers are not the finest specimens of humankind. Pooplebonn? Fernando "Is My Cap On Straight" Rodney? Even Rafael Soriano was repugnant to a degree. Only a matter of time until he pulls out that jersey and his pants fall down, on national TV. So, no, Robertson will have to remain the 8th inning guy. Trade or free agent, Duque?

KD said...

It was a beautiful day and a touching goodbye. "Sweet Home Alabama" next year? I doubt David has it in him but he'll have to do. Too many larger holes on this team.

Joe Girardi, still the manager of the recently world champion New York Yankees, said...

Fans, you're frustrated and so am I. But the upcoming Tampa Bay series (plenty of seats available) will give you a preview of Yankee Greatness Yet To Come.

Tomorrow's lineup:
1) Angelo Gumbs 2B (in May 2014 you'll be asking yourself "Robinson Who?")
2) Zoilo Almonte CF (gotta have a veteran presence in the lineup)
3) Vernon Wells RF (manufacturing his bobblehead as I write)
4) Tyler Austin LF (with a name like that, a guaranteed HoF candidate)
5) Slade Heathcott DH (he may need a lift to spring training- can you give him a ride, Duque?)
6) Gary Sanchez C (the next Chris Stewart, if he can hit for average)
7) Lyle Overbay 1B (2014 will be his breakthrough year)
8) Brendan Ryan SS (this makes up for the Pineda trade, right?)
9) David Adams 3B (a triumphant return to Yankee Stadium)

Excited? Damned right!

Shame Spencer, ex-Yankee phemon and current Somerset Patriots Hitting Coach said...

Call me, Joe. I know I can help this team. I'm in the neighborhood and PED-free!