Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Chances

The Yankees will come out swinging tonight.

After three missed punches and a pulled ligament.

Still standing but the room is pretty empty.

Is there even a reason to keep punching?

Better to enjoy a drink.


manx said...


"This article is a must-read. Your children must read it. Four people have seen it. Michael Kay, Suzyn Waldman, Carlos Siiiiiiiiilva, and myself; and we were all visibly moved. It is an absolute must read. Ian O'Conner has done a fantastic job. You'll love you'll kids will love it. And I'm saving it for my kids in the future. Must read Ian O'Conner Mariano Saves His Best For Last ESPN New York.com" - John Sterling Bottom of the 3rd No Score

Anonymous said...

"The Master" blew another call last night and Yahoo! sports picked it up:

Another loss to a tomato can team!

Tom said...

The Rivera article is excellent, worth your time. Thanks for posting, Manx. Sterling got that right but perhaps not the home run call. Yahoo! Sports is desperate for attention and nothing's easier than picking on great people for their mistakes.

The Master, John Sterling, said...

You betcha. Since I won't be back next year, so WFAN's brass tell me, I'm saving MY best for last. I plan to take a pizza to Mel Hall's prison cell.

Ralph Kramden said...

The Yankees' 2013 season is done, finished, over, completed.