Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Am Ready For Tonight's Second Inning Ju-Ju Intervention !!

Roll Yanks.

How can we lose?

We have Phil Hughes.


James Beard, awoken from the grave said...

mmmmmm... Do you dunk??

Alphonso said...

Not with Crown Black.

The pastry gets overly gummy and white floating stuff in the whiskey can be a turn off.

Unless I am well into the bottle.

In which case, it is all good.

Moose Skowron 1B said...

Well, Joe de Pastry (gotta be a play on early 1960s former Yankee firstbaseman Joe DeMaestri, right?) might be a bit cynical but he's rarely gummy.

Jim "Bulldog" Bouton, another legendary baseball author, said...

For those who are new to this blog, read the definitive work on Juju:

Now available on Kindle! Get your first edition signed by prowling the bowling alleys of Syracuse. Plenty of seats available.

Dieter said...

see? SEE?!! das Juju verked!!!

Now, touch my monkey!!

blueday said...

Guys I have not heard Mark Reynolds home run call. What is it

Mustang said...

Blueday, I think John calls it a "Reynolds rap." (I missed it, too.)

joe de pastry said...

Joe De Maestri played [mostly] shortstop. He replaced Kubek after the bad hop in Game 7 against Pittsburgh. Sort of a Brendan Ryan type with less range.