Friday, September 13, 2013

The Dike Is Leaking Again. Or is it Dyke?

I am a bit slow today because last night's game, during Robertson's ( now usual ) meltdown, required me to open a second box of twinkles.

I thought I paced myself with the Crown Royal Black, but noticed only about one inch of brown liquid in the bottle this morning.  I think the bottles are being made smaller.

I was alert enough to notice another disaster in the making.  Here is my prediction:  Brett Gardener is not, " day to day."

I think he tweaked his oblique muscle or cartilage ( whatever it is ) and, if I am right, he is done.

I seem to have an instinct about these things and, hatefully, am usually correct.

So, on we churn.

Another win, another starting player down.

Another leak in the dike ( dyke).

Aside to Mr. Duque:  what are the Ju-Ju orders for tonight?


SanJoseKid said...

If Alphonso is correct (and he usually is, right?), then Brett Gardner's name should be removed from the IIHIIF website banner. Suggest that ALEX RODRIGUEZ'S name be placed there, in anticipation of his Jujuesque performance.

el duque said...

Orders for tonight?



el duque said...

San Jose,

You're right. But technically, we need to know who is leading off. And let's hope it's not Chris Stewart.

Mustang said...

I went ahead and changed the name on the banner. Read it and tremble.

KD said...

Careful there, Mustang. you may give John M a heart attack!

Parson Tom said...

Alphonso called it correctly on Pineda, Tex and several others. We are more screwed than usual without Gardner and with our bullpen in tatters.
What's Shane Spencer up to these days?

joe de pastry said...

A lead-off hitter with a lower OBP than Jayson Nix!