Sunday, September 29, 2013

So long, Andy: It wasn't your fault

It reeks that the Tower of Steinbrenner couldn't even field a contender for the final days of Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera and - yes, coming soon - Derek Jeter. But what's done is done.

We all heard the warnings. We read the accounts. From River Ave to No Maas, the Prophets screamed how the Yankee polar ice caps were about to melt, and the team would be underwater. It did no good. It's already winter, and Thrill-Seeker Cashman finds himself clinging to the building without short or long-term prospects. If we load up on hamburger helper - Eric Bedard, come on down! - we could lose the draft picks that represent our best hope for 2017, after the asteroid.

But Andy and Mariano tipped their caps and left on their own terms, an honor few players receive. (Certainly, Redsocks don't - as Carlton, Wade, Roger, Josh and Johnny learned, and this future beloved, bearded cast of "Friends" will someday see.)

So here were are, staring out at the abyss. 

How often next year, when we call upon Bingo Long and the Traveling All-Stars to pitch the ninth, will we think of Mariano?

How many times - when we're picking the salvage yards for Sidney Ponson - will we remember Andy?

R.I.P., Torre's Yankees.
Hello, Dellin Betances.


Rich Kotite said...

This is too depressing and besides the Giants are on in a minute.

Anonymous said...

Those dynastic Yankees of the late nineties and early aughts were not Torre's Yankees. Torre just walked in on a good thing handed to him by Stick Michael and Buck Showalter, without whose shrewd talent evaluations and stubborn dedication to rebuilding with youth there would have been an eternal recurrence of the eighties.

And, of course, both Michael and Showalter were shown the door for their efforts. If there's one thing Steinbrenner never had any real patience for, it was competence-on or off the field.

KD said...

admit it. did any of you think we'd win 85 games? Really? I didn't think so. we should have been below .500. We all know this and yet we won 85 games. It's obvious to me that Yankee magic and JuJu helped this season. You should all take a bow.

what do you all think the over/under for 2014 wins will be? My prediction is 80. We will be a below .500 club next year..

el duque said...

To anyone looking for help from the NY Giants: Good luck.

As for 2014, I hope we learn the value of a rebuilding year. Because we can sign a bunch of crappy, overpriced free agents - and forfeit our first round picks - and we can win 85 games again... and be down for a long time.

John M said...

I completely agree with Anonymous. This is getting scary. Torre is the most overrated manager in history, or at least one of. Great Bigelow Tea pitchman, though.

85 games. I think that's how many losses the Giants will have this year.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I also agree with Anonymous, a complete overhaul is the only thing that will change the course of this Titanic Hindenburgian disaster, hell, it tis' already upon us,,,,,MAYDAY,,,,, MAYDAY!