Saturday, August 9, 2014

A week's worth of runs in one night! I am starting to smell a No. 2 Wild Card

Ten runs in one game? Impossible, you say. I must be confusing the Yankees with an NBA team.

Ten runs. One game. And a victory, too.

Usually, when the Yankees are drop-dead terrible, they are the team that scores 10 runs only on nights when the pitching staff gives up 11.

Ten runs. Incredible.

Last week, we merely mentioned the possibility of holding a juju intervention. We didn't call for one. We just mentioned it.

Three and oh, ever since.

Three in a row, baby, three in a row.

Earlier this season, we called for one juju intervention, but the game was rained out. It never happened. Still, we went on a winning streak. The mere mention of a juju intervention seems to have triggered some glitch in the universal Yanktogonic Plane, causing a mini-streak abnormality. Keep in mind: We never invoked an actual International Juju Intervention; we merely mentioned the chance of one.

Three in a row, baby. Three in a row.

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