Saturday, August 16, 2014

Time For Action

I have two things to say, today.

1.  Cashman's contract expires at the end of this season.  So now is the time to do all we can to rid ourselves of this plague.  He has ruined the franchise, and everyone needs to know it.  Terrible trades, horrid drafts, lousy player development and talent evaluation, franchise-killing contracts, a strategy of proven failure repeated again, and again.

Write letters, send tweets, call the offices of the Steinbrenners, post things on FB, send instagrams, and snap chats.  Do everything possible to get this man fired.  If anyone works at the NSA, do your magic.

It is our last chance.  A contract extension exponentially extends the disaster that the Yankees have become.  If we can save a bunch of arabs on a mountain from lunatic religious murderers, we can surely save the Yankees. a 10 year wasteland can easily become 50, if Cashman remains.

If we fail at this moment to rid the Yankees of Cashman, we just lazily float down the Niagra river until we feel our speed increase, and a freight-train like roar begins to pierce our senses.

2.  This last point is driving me crazy.  I watch all the games I can.  So I see Brett Gardner bat about 4 times per game.   Every time he has an at bat, he begins with a 1-2 count.  It can happen
differently ( there are 6 possible configurations to arrive at a 1-2 count), but it always happens.

At 1-2, he begins to get a better batting eye, and often works the count up to 3-2, and fouls off several pitches.  Then, he either grounds out, busting it down the line, or strikes out.

I know his average is decent and he is, for this season, one of our better hitters with runners in
scoring position ( of course those 7,8,9 hitters are not often in scoring
position ), but it cannot be to his advantage to always watch the best pitch of every at bat grooved right down the middle for a called strike.

Watch him today.  It is as predictable as fog in San Francisco.

He always starts with a 1-2 count.  Always.  And the regularity of it is driving me insane.

The one thing I should do is have " bar bets."  Always, when Brett is coming to bat, bet the guy next to you a drink that Brett will start with a 1-2 count, before anything happens with his at bat.

You will be so shit faced.

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JM said...

Point 1 should be supported by every fan. People tend to forget that the really great years, the late 90s, were made possible by Gene Michael and Buck Showalter. They built a great team, with great players that were homegrown, and players who blossomed into greatness that we got in trades and signings. Ever since that team began to disintegrate, it's been downhill. 2009 was a fluke, after spending millions on a confluence of guys who had a great year all at the same time, that would never be repeated. And never will be. The whole front office including the owners should be shown the door, but that will never happen. Cashman is a good start. Fresh thinking is desperately needed.

As for Point 2, it could save me a lot of money on bar tabs. Thanks, Alphonso.