Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's Jeter or nothing

He smacks more grounders than anybody else in baseball, and he's hitting a meager .226 for the month. But Girardi won't drop Derek Jeter in the batting order.

And you know what? He shouldn't. 

If we go down, let's at least go down with dignity.

Folks, I'm all in on this. Jeter or bust. Jeter or bust.


Mustang said...

Meanwhile, at The Guardian: Derek Jeter helps New York Yankees' playoff dreams towards unlikely reality

England. It's like a parallel earth sometimes.

ceeja said...

I've been patient all year, but he's killing us in the 2 spot. Keep him there against lefties, but against righties:

Ellsbury CF
Gardner LF
Texeira 1B
Beltran Dh
McCann C
Hedley 3B
Jeter SS
Prado RF
Drew 2B

Bill from Manhattan said...

Advanced research shows that batting orders don't really matter that much. However, the fewer at-bats Jeter gets the better. He's clearly a bottom-of-the-order hitter at best. There is no "dignity" in sacrificing the team's slender prospects on the altar of a selfish player's ego--it's all too emblematic of the rampant narcissism and dysfunction of the Steinbrenner regime.

John M said...

This issue is tearing me up inside. The man just can't hit anymore, certainly not like a #2 man. But he's been Jeter for so long, so many times...

The only real solution, one worthy of the Captain (and presaged by the great Captain Gehrig, who took himself out when Huggins wouldn't), would be for Jeter to march into Joe's office and say, "Skip, I'm not helping the team batting second. Drop me down, I can take it. Let's win."

That would be leadership right there, Cap. Better to go out doing everything you can to win, even if it means batting near the bottom of the order.

John M said...

OK, it was McCarthy who wouldn't take Gehrig out, but you know what I mean.