Wednesday, August 20, 2014

For the 20th time this year, the Yankee season is over

Remember the great Torre teams? How every night, a new guy stepped up and delivered a key hit, a shutdown inning, or a great play in the field?

Girardi's Yankees are the team that always, somehow, springs a new leak.

Last night, it was David Robertson, who was just starting to be appreciated. But the loss wasn't his fault. If Robby had pitched a perfect ninth, would it have mattered? It would have been Rich Hill in the tenth. Some new pigeon would have stepped forward, booting a grounder or leaving the bases loaded. Somehow, Brian Cashman built a team destined to lose, to be forgotten - that is, if we can drink enough to forget.

Now, we're supposed to settle for winning the home series, 2-1, against the Astros? Gimme a break. Haven't we already seen this episode of "Lost?" Of course, we have. And we know the outcome: THEY DON'T EXCAPE THE ISLAND. NOTHING GETS EXPLAINED. AT A CERTAIN POINT, THE SHOW ENDS, BUT THEY'RE STILL STANDING THERE, LOOKING EMBARRASSED FOR HAVING WASTED OUR TIME. IT DOESN'T TURN OUT HAPPILY.

Last night, Martin Prado did look solid - just as Alfonso Soriano looked 10 years younger last August. Already, the YESIRs seem to have anointed Prado as "Yankee 2B of the future." Yeesh. The same experts seem to think Cashman should re-sign Chase Headley, who two weeks ago sported a Soriano splurge, but now is settling back into the LOB machine he was reputed to be in San Diego. Are we going to add him to the long-range payroll?

Listen: When you sign players from the scrap heap or the municipal salary dump, you eventually face one grim reality: There is a reason why the previous team decided to part ways. It may not show up tomorrow. Just wait, and it will.

And when it does, your team will have sprung a new leak.

And a game you desperately had to win will fly out the window.


KD said...

I've got a few more games to attend this season, so I'll be there to see Jeter. Time to think about moves to be made in the off season.

BernBabyBern said...

Last night's game was lost when Beltran grounded directly to the SS with Ellsbury on third and a drawn-in infield in the eighth. Ellsbury out by a mile at the plate. Great scoring chance blown ... again. You knew right then and there the Astros were winning this game.

Like you said, good teams find ways to win. This team finds ways to lose.

KD said...

It would not surprise me at all to see the Astros with a better record than us next year.

BTW, did any of you see the YES poll results on who should play SS next year? A-Rod! LOL!!

Bill from Manhattan said...

Last night's game was lost last winter when Cashman decided to pay a half billion dollars for other team's washed-up castoffs.

This was not a must-win game. Even if they had won, the season would be over. It's over--as in really over. These geriatric mediocrities are not going to play .750 ball for the next five weeks. Time to cultivate acceptance of this result while plotting to unseat the Ancien Regime that has ruined this franchise.

joe de pastry said...

As always, I reserve the right to change my mind, but I hereby declare that I have watched my last Yankee game of 2014.

Moneyplays said...

To listen to John and Susan you'd think every pitcher and position player has been great except Tex, Beltran and McCann. Give me a break. We've had a great run the past twenty years, I foolishly thought it wouldn't end but it's over. Got to accept it. I hope the Royals make the playoffs. It's only been two years for us while it's been 30 years since they last made it.