Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Yankee fans should refuse the "ice bucket challenge" unless people return to calling it Lou Gehrig's Disease again

I was watching local TV news last night - (yeah, I know, a bad sign) - and the big hairs were chewing their cuds about the "ice bucket challenge," a craze they claimed is "sweeping the nation on social media." Yeah, right. They might as well have been reading straight from Wikipedia. The "challenge" is a fund-raiser to fight ALS - Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - the dreaded disease that killed Lou Gehrig and, henceforth, is rightfully known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Listen: If they poured a bucket over Gehrig's head during his great moment in Yankee Stadium, I'd accept the ice bucket challenge. But they didn't. And last night, in that stupid TV newscast, nobody bothered to mention the greatest Yankee first-baseman in history. No, all they talked about was the New York Jets and the New England Patriots, challenging each other to stand in front of buckets of water. This will somehow raise money to fight AL- I MEAN LOU GEHRIG'S DISEASE.

Screw them. Last night, the TV sportscaster gerbil accepted the challenge. I didn't see him write out a check, though. He just let them pour icewater on him, for the sake of good TV. All the time, I was screaming, "LOU GEHRIG, YOU TURD, MENTION LOU GEHRIG!"

He didn't. What a stink pot of a season! First, we lose Cano. Then we lose CC. Then we lose Tanaka. Now, we're losing Lou Gehrig's Disease? Yeesh.


Celerino Sanchez said...

Every Yankee fan in the world has to read this book

Alphonso said...

They also mentioned Chris ( Christ ) Christy ( Christ).

Imagine the lunacy. the parent name the son Christ, Christ.
That's like naming the easter bunny, easter, easter.

After the island.

I told you Pineda would never win again for the Yankees.

As soon as our lead was down to 2-1, we had almost no shot. Even though, much to my amazement, we tacked on a meaningless run in the 9th.

KD said...

I had a sick feeling in the pit on my stomach when Betances came out for his third inning of work last night. I could feel the game slipping away. With a day off coming up, why not let D-Rob pitch two innings? My cognitive abilities just aren't great enough to begin to understand Joe's logic. I assume there is logic in his actions, right?