Saturday, August 30, 2014

Eli Manning's brilliant and hillarious AMA on Reddit yesterday is quite different from Brian Cashman's attempt eight months ago

If you've never seen a Reddit AMA, (Ask Me Anything) they're sort of fun. Celebrities get asked a lot of suck-up questions, and it's not exactly an exchange of useful information, but anything can happen, and you often get an interesting sense of a personality. (That is, assuming that he/she doesn't simply have a proxy answering the questions - always a possiblity on the web.)

Yesterday, Eli Manning did an AMA, and it shows why his future in broadcasting might even be more successful than his playing career. If you're a Giants fan or you just want a good read, see it here. (Talking to you, Alfonso.)

Now, check out Brian Cashman's tired, brief and souless AMA, done last winter.

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