Saturday, August 30, 2014

Had Enough?

If you check the archives of this literary publication, you will confirm that I (or my alter ego….Alphonso ) predicted what would happen.

A partial tear doesn't heal with rest.  Unless that rest includes a lifetime withdrawal from pitching.

So the Yankees played," let's pretend."

They went with a fairy tale to protect themselves from the ignominy of having ruined (read; " over worked ") their $185 million investment.  Don't quote me on the numbers…..I am a swimmer, not an accountant.

So now I return.

Yankee fans must be well worn out from the ups and downs of hope and despair.  Pineda is good; then he is bad; then he is good again.    But, all the while, no one hits.

The Yankees need their Japanese import to hold other teams to 1 run in 8 innings.

Not this year.

It was always a pipe dream, and an ill-considered one, that Tanaka would just, " wait it out and heal."

Sure, he can soft toss.  He can simulate bullpen sessions.  But his ligament is partially torn.  Partially torn becomes badly torn when it gets stressed.  Rest just postpones the reality.

So I have come now for Tanaka.

Dr. Andrews will soon confirm the inevitable.  And this outcome was obvious from the outset, save for the blind, wishful thinking of the brilliant Yankee organization.

Now, the surgery will set him back longer.  Likely, he is gone for all of next year.

A silly, childish decision by the Yankees.

Haven't we all had enough of bad decisions and incompetence?

Haven't we had enough of Cashman?

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John M said...

Yes. And sure.

We haven't gone to a game in two seasons now. I don't know how else to express my continuing disappointment.

Maybe I should go to a few games and loudly talk about how much the front office sucks. Probably a better chance of surviving that than not standing during 'God Bless America'.