Thursday, August 21, 2014

From the mouth of Mustang...

Spoken last night, during beer number three:

What is the only cure for Lou Gehrig's disease?

Tommy John surgery.

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KD said...

Speaking of baseball disease, the 2014 Yankees have a collective case of "Yips". (Although our case seems to be a rare mutant form.) From Wikipedia:

In baseball, the yips usually manifests itself as a sudden inability to throw the baseball accurately. Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Steve Blass is the classic example: from 1964 to 1972, he was a dominant pitcher and All-Star, however, beginning in 1973, he suddenly lost his command, walking almost a batter an inning; he retired in 1974 due to continued loss of his pitching ability. “Steve Blass Disease” has been attributed to talented players (such as New York Yankees second baseman Chuck Knoblauch or Los Angeles Dodgers second baseman Steve Sax) who inexplicably seem to lose their ability to throw the ball accurately. Another, similar, case of the yips occurred with St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Rick Ankiel. Ankiel had early success as a pitcher until he suddenly lost his ability to throw strikes and began throwing an inordinate number of wild pitches. After several years in the minor leagues attempting to regain his control, he abandoned pitching altogether and became a position player. Ironically, much of his success as a position player has resulted from his strong, accurate throws from the outfield.

(Nice to see Knobby recognized for his contribution to the sport, right?)

The 2014 Yanks are adding sudden offensive collapse to the definition. All our batters have the Yips. Scoring 2 or 3 runs per game ought not outrage nor sadden you. It is a small victory against an insidious disease. A cause for celebration!

Far from being an average .500 team, we're making Yankees History.