Thursday, August 6, 2015

He Should Have Stayed In Scranton

When I realized that Boston was pitching a knuckle baller, I raged.  The ghost of Tim Wakefield had returned.

The Yankees cannot hit a knuckle ball, and they do not have the patience to wait him out for walks.  So they swing wildly at the air.  They look as if they were playing tennis with rackets missing all their strings.  No solid contact, ever.

It was downright embarrassing to see our best hitters flailing hopelessly at 50 mph deliveries, and missing by a foot. The worst part is that those empty and futile swings will take its toll on today's game as well.  Our line-up must now readjust to normal pitching from actual players, correcting their futility at facing a misfit who failed at everything else in the game, but found some alien ability to throw this absurd pitch.

If Joe had a brain, he would start everyone who did not play last night.  Including CC Sabathia as DH, if needed.

In the end, I had to TVO the game so that I could fast forward through the embarrassing Yankee at bats, and watch our young rookie pitch.  What a crappy way to watch the not watching the Yankees.

 My night of high expectations and anticipation ultimately dissolved into the disappointment I experienced, years ago, when I finally secured a date with the prom queen, laid out my earnings from a month of mowing lawns and pulling weeds, for a table at the fancy restaurant, and she showed up with acne, purple hair and two front teeth missing.

As for Severeno ;  he has a fastball, and a fastball and a fastball.  All evening long, I saw one Boston hitter swing once at a breaking ball. Luis's command of anything other than his fastball was non existent.  Unless he can regularly crank it up to 110 mph, he will get no where in the majors.

We should have traded him for this fart, knuckle ball pitcher from Boston.

At least we would be the team laughing and winning.

And Toronto, with AJ Dickey, arrives next.  Our hitters will be basket cases by the end of that series.

And our season could be in the toilet.

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