Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It Is Luis Night !!!!

We have been waiting a long-time for this.

All Yankee fans and anti-Yankee fans will be watching tonight.  This telecast could surpass the US Women's World Cup triumph broadcast over Japan.

It is like the night of the Presidential election.

The rhetoric and lies end.  The reality appears.  The future is decided.

I will be aided and abetted by manhattans, made with Crown Royal reserve, and vodka infused marischino cherries.  I have no idea how to spell that " cherries " adjective  and, furthermore, don't care.

Tonight we have Luis.


Leinstery said...

I wasn't impressed. 95 pitches through 5 innings. Phil Hughes territory.

Dutchfan said...

He had about 20 fouled off pitches and he had 8 extra pitches thanks to the Headley error.

2 hits. 7 K.
MLB debut
Great first start and a promise for the (immediate) future