Thursday, August 27, 2015

It's gotten so bad that even Robby Cano would be leading the Yankees in hitting

Cano is batting .277 with 14 HRs. (In the last month, he's hitting .333, though the games don't matter.)

Our leading hitter - (with enough ABs to qualify) - is Brett Gardner. He's batting .273.


ceeja said...

Okay, Okay. We stink. Happy? I mean at the beginning of the year I picked us to finish fourth (and the Red Sox fifth). So let's not be too disappointed here.

Just hoping we can get lucky again and fake our way into the playoffs.

Buhner's Ghost said...

The games still matter to us long-suffering Mariner fans.

jdrny said...

And I can still hear the YES guy screaming with joy that Drew made it to .200 (not for long) with a
miscue dribbler off the end of his mighty bat.

Tom said...

you know, if Drew keeps up this pace -- power and average -- he might score another $5 million for next year, especially if the attitude police don't warm up to Refsnyder. Drew brings veteran intangibles -- maybe he knows the best strip clubs in every American League city? -- so please don't just measure him by his batting average.

jdrny said...

Tom: you make a good point.

Dutchfan said...

Everybody read this of course, but, well, what the hack:

The reinforcements who will be called up after rosters expand on Tuesday -- a group that Cashman said includes second baseman Rob Refsnyder, the organization's No. 6 prospect, according to -- should help provide Girardi with options to offer players rest.
Cashman said none of those callups are coming up to take existing jobs, squelching speculation that Stephen Drew would lose playing time to Refsnyder at second base.
"Our best players that we had have been up here," Cashman said. "If we felt that we had somebody down there -- if we felt that Aaron Judge was better than what we had up here, then we would have had him up. If we felt that Greg Bird was better than Tex, we would have had Greg Bird up. That's not what we've done."
Cashman said that while it will be "all hands on deck" for players who are on the 40-man roster, the Yanks are not planning to call up Judge, the organization's No. 2 prospect, according to
"He's not Rule 5 [Draft] eligible, and as of right now, there's no plan to bring Judge up," Cashman said. "He doesn't even have to be protected this winter. He'd just clog the roster."
Largely, the Yankees will continue their fight with what they already have. The deadline for waiver deals is Monday, but Cashman said that he does not anticipate making an acquisition before then.

WOW. Hope inspiring and trust evoking. Way to go!

John M said...

Thanks for that cold splash of morning reality, Dutchfan. If we're playing the best we have, we're finishing third. If Cashman doesn't think it's time to sit old guys down and let some young guys log quality time while the half-out-the-door elders try to tape their bodies back together, we'll be fighting to fend off the Rays and Sox come 4 weeks from now.

And then there's the genius that's Girardi, who arguably has single-handedly cost us 6 games, and that's not even counting the terrible CC outings where he was left in for 6 or 7 runs because he is, after all, an innings eater.

You get to the end of the year and these things glare.