Friday, August 14, 2015

Panic Spreads As We Score A Week's Worth Of Runs to Eke Out Win

I sensed trouble when our 4 run opening burst wasn't quite enough.  It is as though we built a wall, but it wasn't high enough.  Not sturdy enough.  Like the little pig who built his house, not of brick, but of stick.

Guns were firing.  McCann with a two out blow that set us on the way, dangerously dancing around the 18 wheeler headed our way had we left Jacoby and Gardy on base without advancing, or scoring, either one of them.

Drew was a monster.  Best game of his Yankee career.  Maybe he was responding to the Chase Utley "footsteps" rumor.  He may even have notched .200 this morning.

But we are not out of the swamp.  The muck of Chris Capuano still sucks us down.  I find his presence unfathomable.  And Joe is considering a two-header for an upcoming game; Cappy and Warren.  We'll lose by 10 and use up the bullpen.  Just concede that one.

Nice to see our young first baseman crush a couple of pitches for outs.  Then, he fell into the latest A-Rod syndrome, watching and or flailing at third strikes.

Bad night for his family.  No one like to see their child fail in public.  At least he played OK defence.

The bus is warming, though.


Carlos Beltran, Prince of Puerto Rico said...

I just want to tell you great Yankee fans that it was that scary lady up there in the booth, I think her name is Meredith McGowan or something like that, breathing fire like a heavily made-up Megyn Kelly, that helped me turn on that 4th pitch. She would have said terrible things on the radio if I had struck out. Fear is a great motivator. Thank you, Miss Meredith or whatever your name is. Please say something nice about me, OK?

Carlos beltran, prince of Puerto Rico said...

The bat boy just told me that the really mean lady that snarls is named Suzyn Waldman. That's a revelation. I thought Suzyn Waldman was our equipment manager. That Miss Meredith is the nice lady with the microphone. Well, she is pleasant most of the time, but it's annoying to be asked if I have lost any weight recently.

Leinstery said...

Who the fuck is this clown insulting my sweet Suzyn?

Dutchfan said...

It was so nice, hearing the Master almost losing it after the Beltran homer. The joy was lessened I must admit when Suzyn's star of the game was Miller. I mean, if anything he made me wet my bed out of pure tension. Sweat wet of course.
Tonight at last a day game again, so I can watch it prime time. Unfortunately without that soothing voice, telling me about kielbassa and painting the corners. It is so out of sync with the live stream, there is no fun trying to combine the two.
By the way, Vin Scully (I tend to wake up with him) is only doing Mercedes-Benz. It does sound more classy somehow.

Tom said...

The feed, $24.95 for the rest of the season, allows you to pair the TV feed with the radio. Awesome!

However, I was practicing The Lookaway last night. Acted uninterested throughout and only turned on the radio feed for what turned out to be the final pitch. Boy, he was happy. So was I.

Dutchfan said...

Ah, I do have that mlb feed but I didn't know this. Great, I will give it a try tonight. Thx

John M said...

All fans in the Netherlands, Denmark and greater Scandinavia, take note (not you, Finland...).