Thursday, August 13, 2015

Something's happening here; what it is aint exactly clear: The Yankees are bringing up Greg Bird

The Yankees today did what they never do: Brought up a position prospect before the age of 24. Moreover, they did something that should scare the bejeezus out of any Yankee fan who still has a working bejeezus. (Mine is shot.)

They are bringing up 22-year-old 1B Greg Bird from Scranton.

We should be excited about this. The Yankiverse has heard the drum beat mythos of Bird since last summer, when he belted a mammoth home run in a Single A All-Star game. He made it to Double A this year, fell into a slump and got hurt. He was starting to conjure doubters and trolls, when about six weeks ago he returned from the DL and started hitting. He was promoted to Scranton and has been a terror ever since, hitting over .300 with power. Cashman refused to trade him, citing him as one of four prospects the Yankees would not deal.

The question is, why bring up a kid clearly in need of ABs, when he is destined to play 1B or DH, the two most critical positions on the big team. The answer that nobody wants to suggest is that A-Rod or Tex could be harboring an injury of sorts, which would explain their recent crapping of the beds.

The Evils' official word is that they have a pile of games coming up, and Bird is the best available hitter, which isn't exactly a high bar, considering they just jettisoned Garrett Jones for the second time in two weeks. I dunno, but Bird will be exciting to watch. We're unwrapping the future on this guy. But something's going on.


Dutchfan said...

Maybe Cashman changed his mind and parades him so he van be traded as a legit prospect. Maybe get Utley for him.

I can't help not being able to convince myself that this is utter nonsense and the lack of insight of a European.

Leinstery said...

I predict that it gets worse. This abysmal slide started with Severino. The Yankees using young prospects has caused a great disturbance in the universe. They need Utley, Vernon Wells, and Jaime Moyer to get back on track.

Leinstery said...

To further my point, when Severino came up, CC pitched two back to bad "good" games. It's a sign that we must turn to the old men to save us.

Honey Barnes said...

Did Bernie Williams really retire?

ceeja said...

The Bird, the Bird, the Bird is the word.

Maybe they brought him up because, unlike the rest of this team, he doesn't wear a bra when he steps up to the plate.

jdrny said...

Agree. Trade bait may be the motivation to this crazy move.

Anonymous said...

The real reason they brought him up is because of the home run call potential he has for John