Sunday, August 16, 2015

In the span of one week, the Yankees have experienced their worst loss and greatest win of 2015.

Today, Luis Severio - the long-awaited Yankee Pedro - pitches the most important game of his life. Of course, that's not saying much. He's 21, and bringing the International League Governor's Cup to Scranton wasn't exactly the stuff of a Capra movie. Also, next week, Severino will surely pitch a more important game. And the week after that, and so on... for the rest of his life. Because that is Yankee baseball.

Still, one thing Severino needs to experience - along with a stewardess and waterbed - is a Yankee rally.

In his first game, Severino pitched well, but a Redsock knuckleballer did to the Yankees what Carly Fiorina did to HP. In his second game, the team slogged for eight innings, rallied with him gone, and then slogged for another eight - losing to mighty Cleveland, 5-4.

It was, by far, our most painful loss of 2015. Miller blew his first save. (He is now a heart attack of a closer.) Ellsbury and Gardner did their best imitations of Robbie & the Grandyman in the 2012 playoffs - a combined 0-13 with five strikeouts. In the end, it was Brandon Pinder. Seems like a year ago.

Since then, we had The Win - when Carlos Beltran, in WWE style, went from a Vince McMahon villain to a Hulk Hogan hero. We've seen the lowest trench of the year, followed by the highest peak. Woah. Nose bleeds.

Well, it's Bedknobs and Broomsticks Day in Toronto. It's time for the Blue Jays to see what artificial turf does to a 30-something shortstop with bad hips. It's time for a market correction above the border. And by God, it's time for the Yankee Pedro to experience run support. Sweep, anyone?

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Ken of Brooklyn said...

Again I refrain from any positive response to El Duque's brilliant prose, to continue satiating the NuJuju Gods, La La, La La La, LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAA!!!!!