Sunday, August 30, 2015

Who would be the Yankees one-game wild card starter? Easy. It's whoever pitched well in his last game

Last night, Michael Kay, the YES' Les Nessman (you don't hear many WKRP references these days, eh?) opined that - assuming the collapsing Yankees don't continue their collapse - Luis Severino or Nathan Eovaldi should start the Bud Selig One Game Profit Maximization Classic, some six weeks from today. That's a fine piece of assumin', because both are coming off fine outings.

But let's be clear: The Yankees have no ace. No Number One. No El Diablo. No Big Chief Ugamugchug. Once upon a time, it was going to be CC Sabathia. Then it was supposed to be Tanaka. Then Pineda. Then - I dunno - the elflike Chris Capuano, or maybe Esmil Rogers, now of Tokyo. Nobody thought of Evaldi, and - yeesh - Severino was going to spend the year in Scranton State Prison.

So here we are, living on stems and seeds, falling in love with whatever pitcher threw the last strike. Evoaldi? Okidoke. Severino? Fine. Keep in mind, if we hadn't traded Eovaldi, Martin Prado would have played 2B. (I'll take Eovaldi.) And if Cashman had dealt for the great David Price, it was Severino they would have demanded.

What's scary? The reality of Kay's remarks. Les Nessman understands the truth: The Yankees are in a wild card race.

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Tom said...

If we still have Capuano on the roster, let him start the game. Last time, it worked out real well against Texas and we won 21-5.