Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Young and in love again: John and Suzyn are having a wonderful time

Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl to pennant race. Boy gets girl again.

No, it's not Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore in their red Fenway underwear. It's John and Suzyn - "Ma and Pa," according to Bob Raissman of the Daily News.

Raissman - no doubt still marveling privately over how The Master returned his call on the night last winter when John's apartment burned to the ground - tries to summon some snark about the two love-crossed, Jeep-driven Yankee voices. It's what media columnists are supposed to do. But he just can't bring it. The Master has won him over. And seriously - considering yet another unearthed youthful photo of John - (found by IIHIIFIIc photo correspondent, Beaureguard) - how can you not be in love?

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