Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Blame It On Cain

In 1940, when the Washington Redskins were playing the Chicago Bears for what was then modestly called the championship of the NFL, the great Sammy Baugh took his Skins steadily downfield against Chicago on the opening drive—only to have his tipped pass intercepted in the end zone.

The Bears then responded by scoring 73 unanswered points, en route to the highest ever point total and greatest margin of victory ever, in any NFL game, never mind a playoff contest.

Afterwards, a reporter asked the exhausted Baugh (who was a also a cornerback on defense) if he thought the game would've been different had he completed that pass for a touchdown.

"It sure would have," Slingin' Sammy told him.  "It would have been 73-7."

No, Ma Boone is not a good manager, much to my disappointment.  Yes, he crucially botched the opening of that crucial Game Three against the Red Sox.

And no, even if he had yanked Tardy Sevvy earlier for a top reliever, it would not have made a spit worth of difference.

No one in the rest of that game or the next hit, pitched, or fielded particularly well for the New York Yankees.  To blame it all on Boone is to miss the vast organizational failure behind his mediocrity.


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. Boston is the better team, on the field and in the front office--on the field because in the front office. Only a diseased organization goes into an elimination game without their star rookie in the lineup. Fuck Cashman and Boone.

apoorplayer said...

So...what do you people do around here for offseason fun? Boone pinata parties? Cashman effigy burning?

TheWinWarblist said...

Can't we just use Boone and a pinata and burn Cashman in his car?