Sunday, October 28, 2018

The wolf is at the door.

It's here. Deal with it, everybody. The wolf is at the door.

The 2018 World Series - with Boston now up, 3-1 - is cooked.

All your secret fantasies - that somebody, Houston, Cleveland, somebody, would step up and deny Boston the world - they were morphine hallucinations. You've been lying in a coma for 10 months, and now it's time to wake up. Boston is the world champion. Only one team, one franchise, ever stood between them and the ring - it was our job - and we failed. You can wheedle and blather how our season came within 10 feet of a grand slam, but it won't change a thing. We failed. It's done. 

And tomorrow, one franchise will stand between Boston and a two- or three-year championship dynasty, and it's not the phony Dodgers. The wild card Yankees are that franchise, and this winter, they will need massive infusions not just of money, but of youth.  

Coming soon is the most important winter of our Yankee fan lives, because - make no mistake here - the wolf is at the door. Boston is poised to win multiple championships, and they will not stand pat while the Yankees sign one or two, or even three free agents. Boston's ownership does it right. They willingly tanked for two straight years, building a youthful core, while the Yankees continually flailed at achieving relevance. They will add even more to their MLB-highest payroll, because they want to win rather than pad their bank accounts.

It's not my province to tell the Yankees who to trade and who to sign. But the team's deficiencies are no secret. They need: 

1. Starting pitching. They must sign sign at least one, maybe two solid starters. And Cashman will surely trade for another "power arm," of which his track record is horrible.  

2. A shortstop or secondbaseman who can fill the void until Didi Gregorius returns. This is difficult to assess, because we don't even know how long Didi will be out, or how much he'll be compromised when he does return. But if we go four months with Big Toe or Tyler Wade, or a minor league journeyman, we'll be chasing the wild card again... and one of these years, we'll pay the price for that.

3. A big lefty bat, someone who can hit between Judge and Stanton, and keep opposing teams from loading up against a righty-lineup. 

4. A quality fielding first-baseman, presumably with some pop. We need a 1B who can save our infielders from 20 to 30 throwing errors in a season. Neither Greg Bird nor Luke Voit looks like that player.

5. Help from the farm. Last year, we thought our depth was limitless, until suddenly, we found we had traded away all our assets. Next year, we need something from Clint Frazier, Justus Sheffield, Jonathan Loasigna, Dominic Acevedo, Chance Adams, et al. 

6. More bullpen. Two years ago, it was Chad Green. Last year, Jonathan Holder stepped up. Next year, some massive lunk with 98-mph heat needs to rise from Scranton and become a cog. Or we need to sign somebody.

Supposedly, the Yankee brain trust spent last week cobbling together plans for 2018. The big question is how much the owner will agree to spend. We have no power over Hal Steinbrenner's whims. But if Steinbrenner is comfortable with Boston rattling off two or three world championships, the Yankiverse must become ornery and angry. We don't have to spend our money on an ownership that's looking to pad its wallet.

Folks, the wolf is at the door. 


KD said...

This Hot Stove we get to see what kind of Yankees team we get to watch for the rest of our lives, since I’m guessing that almost all of us are older than Hal. We are almost competitive, there is a big lefty bat on the market, the luxury tax has been reset, and Hal has money to burn. Will Hal use his natural advantage (money) to field a championship caliber team, a team that can compete in the post season?

Listen, Hal and minions have been moaning about the luxury tax for years and now the issue is off the table. Now he can build his team. Two arms plus Manny and Bryce. If Hal doesn’t make a move, this team is something other than the NYY. We’re rooting for laundry.

TheWinWarblist said...

Hal's "natural advantage" is taking profit out of our hides. He has given no indication that he has any desire to be a winner. As long as he's making 100s of millions of profit, he is happy and most content. We're just the suckers for his hustle.

Anonymous said...





13bit said...

2009 was due to money, but it was also with the help of the old guard, which Hal did nothing to assemble.

I'm not giving the Yankees a dime in any way for the foreseeable future. When I cancel my cable again, I'm going to tell RCN that it's because the Yankees are HAPLESS LOSERS.

Then, I'm going to rent a blimp to circle Hal's many houses and it's going to have blinking lights that say "YOU SUCK, FOOD STAMPS STEINBRENNER." The blimp is going to be towing a banner that says "BOYCOTT PINSTRIPES."

Honestly, though, I'm not planning to go to any games or get any Yankee paraphernalia for the foreseeable future.

el duque said...

I wonder how much it would cost to have a plane or blimp fly over Hal's house saying, "Food Stamps Hal Steinbrenner."

Because isn't that what gofundme is all about?

ranger_lp said...

When the Yanks sign Harper and others, you will view this differently. The tax reset was that important to the franchise.

Anonymous said...


KD said...

If Hal makes no important moves before spring training, I’m in for $100.

Alphonso said...

There are a number of highly unlikely items to be fulfilled from that wish list.

But the one which I feel is most unlikely, is number 5.
I don't know the Acevedo name but the others bring memories of meh. When I think of them in a big moment, I think of the Dodgers blowing a 4 run lead last night, and then running into the train engine head-on.

Frazier , seriously, should find a new way to make millions. One more collision ( sliding, running into a wall, banging into the first baseman), and he is going to be living under a bridge. When your first instinct after a player makes a dive for a ball is, " will he get up? Or, show me his eyes." ...... It is time to read the tea leaves and move on.

The others all had meaningful looks at the mlb level and they all, but for a rare flash , bombed. Chance Adams and Sheffield are pitchers with nothing to distinguish them. Except one is a lefty which, in baseball, is always an advantage. But neither has speed, command, control, an out pitch or a deceptive delivery.

How much does a team pay for a good batting practice pitcher?

They are not of major league quality and will not be effective pitchers, ever.

So number 5 is a " blow up." If we get zero from that item, can the Yankees still win?

TheWinWarblist said...

I am totally in for a blimp or skywriting gofundme call him Food Stamps Hal if we aren't over the salary cap next year.

Local Bargain Jerk said...

I wonder how much it would cost to have a plane or blimp fly over Hal's house saying, "Food Stamps Hal Steinbrenner."

Why wouldn't the banner fly over Yankee Stadium on Opening Day? 47,000 sets of eyeballs in the stadium -- many of whom would get the joke -- plus anyone else walking around outside in the Bronx that day would all see it. Shoot, since the plane would likely leave from Teterboro, NJ, it could even make a few laps around Wall Street, etc.

Also, because I'm incredibly unsubtle, I'd be tempted to go with something like:

     Open your wallet, Hal. We need pitching.

Before we pass the hat, perhaps we should investigate the cost?

TheWinWarblist said...

Food Stamps Hal, spend our money! We need pitching!

TheWinWarblist said...

LBJ, Hal will be shamed for his miserly ways. His father never have a rat's ass about the salary cap. He will never be the king until he behaves in a kingly manner, may his hemorrhoids burst pus on his favourite trousers.

13bit said...

Maybe we need to actually look into this. How much could it cost? Worse some to worse, some dude in a biplane could probably do it. And I like the idea of the Stadium better than his house. He doesn't go out, anyway. Sunlight takes years off his life.

And, Alphonsos "Memories of Meh" could be the title for Volume 5 of my memoirs - "The Married Years - Memories of Meh."

Anonymous said...

I think KD totally nailed it with "This Hot Stove we get to see what kind of Yankees team we get to watch for the rest of our lives"

Will it be controlled very goodness or a shot at greatness? We have a lot of the pieces and the missing ones are there.

Will Hal spend? I hope Ranger is right. My money is on just enough to stay competitive but no enough to make an overwhelming difference. But I really do hope Ranger is right.

As to the Wolf. From the Ruth Brown Classic...

Cause there's a wolf outside my door
the bill collector's calling
and my kids need better shoes
gonna go to church on Sunday
cause I got nothing left to loose
and it´s a good day
it´s a real good day for the blues

and speaking of the blues...

I just finished the Giant game and I'm glad that, what I hope is Eli's last pass as a NYG was a touchdown. Let him go out with that but it is time to let him go out.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

If you'll notice, last night the Red Sox scored 7 of their 9 runs with two outs.

That speaks more than anything, I think, to the advantage they have over us. The teach the game the way it is supposed to be played.

Anonymous said...


Yep. The Dodgers just got a lead off triple. Man on third, no body out and they couldn't get him in. Sound familiar?

Doug K.

ranger_lp said...

Boy that Machado has distinguished player who does not come up big in the postseason. Anyone who suggests that we sign this bum should be castrated.

Joe of AZ said...

Note to Cash ....Please don't sign MachAdos dumbass a
I can already envision him and ICS trotting out singles, botching routine plays, sejngjng for the fences no matter what the situation calls for, strutting there stuff on long flyoutz.....and dragging the gleyber right into their shittyness and ruining another all star.

FUCKING HATE THE SOX... but it's amazing ehrw happens when you have coaches who coach and gm who does his homework and gets winners.

Joe of AZ said...

*swinging...stupid cell phone

Austria's Only Baseball Fan said...

The party's over
It's time to call it a day
They've burst your pretty balloon
And taken the moon away
It's time to wind up the masquerade
Just make your mind up the piper must be paid

HoraceClarke66 said...

So David Price, Mr. Constant Choke, finally ran into an even bigger choke than he is.

I don't think any great pitcher has ever been as consistently bad in big games as he has.

Anonymous said...

Here's the bitter truth: the Red Sox are the new Yankees. It's a sea change, one not likely to be reversed in our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...



WE HIT .136

HoraceClarke66 said...

Actually, the wolf is NOT at the door, Duque.

The wolf and a pack of his friends battered down the door, ate all the ewes, and left the rest of our sheep hiding bloodied and shivering out amongst the trees.

For the first time in about 80-90 years, the Red Sox built a better management team than we had. The results are evident.

But don't worry. Brian Cashman is already 51. He CANNOT last in the job for more than another 30 years.

2050 is our year, baby!

TheWinWarblist said...

I am so very sad. Where was my asteroid strike in Chavez Ravine?