Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Truth

I told you after yesterday's fiasco, we had no chance and that you should all get in your cars and
go " leafing " in New England.

When there were two outs in the second inning, and Boston got another runner on base, the announcer said, " that's 5 runners on base in 1 and 2/3rds innings against CC."

I turned off the TV and went to dinner.  I didn't even bother taping this one.


I read that Neal Walker was playing third base.  Are you shitting me?  At the biggest moment of the season Boone,  the managerial asshole and useless person supreme,  benches Andujar for Walker?  Likely destroying Andujar's confidence forever.

Were I Andujar, I would demand a trade tomorrow morning.  At first light.

During the season, how many critical hits did Andujar hit vs. the useless pice of shit, Neal Walker?


What is Boone thinking?  Who told him to play the season-long failure, Neal Walker?

Boone out-did himself tonight .

 He was worse, in that single decision, than he was last night where he simply blew everything he touched.  The 4-3 loss is far worse than the 16-1 laugher.

He absolutely sucks.

The talent ( and lack of it by so many non-play-off teams) covered up for his stupidity during the season.   But his failures as a manager, his absence of any useful brain-power, showed up in spades when the chips were down.  He, alone, cost this team any chances they ever had.

Seriously, the Yankees cannot win with Boone as the manager.

 Mark my words:  The yankees cannot win with Boone as the manager.

Do you understand???

Next year will not be better for the Yankees, regardless of what they do in the " off-season."

Boone is the problem.  He lacks everything.

Worse:  he ruins what is good and what is working.

I wouldn't play for him.


Joe of AZ said...

All there's left to say is ...Fuck Boone

Anonymous said...

#teamArod2019 #maketheNYYgreatagain #saveusnegan....errr...arod

13bit said...

A-Rod is a moron. Don’t even try.

KD said...

such a letdown. depressing. I'm not even mad right now. I suppose the Yankees, when they hired idiot Boone, really had no idea how terrible he'd be. But now we know. I'm not even going to list the reasons. we all know the reasons. therefore, if Boone is the 2019 Skipper, you know that Hal is getting Boone for a down-home, dirt-cheap price. what's the minimum wage in NYC? 15 bucks an hour? That's probably what they pay Boone. and we all know that Hal can't pass up a bargain or spare couch change (saw him once in the Jim Beam Suite searching for coins under cushions. Priceless the look on his little face whenever he found a nickel.)

I really feel bad for Miggy Mantle. if he is not ROY, then there is something wrong with the entire system. (To give ROY to the injured Jap[anise Babe Ruth would be laughable. Calling him the Japanese Babe Ruth is also laughable.) Can you imagine having the season that Miggy had, then getting benched in a do-or-die game? I hope the young man (my favorite player, by the way) can overcome our cowardly manager (who manages with fear instead of confidence) and have a good season next year. I hope the Yankees will devote time and energy developing his fielding, just like they did for Jeter.

But if I were anDUjar, I woujld secretly be hoping for a trade that would take me to a team with an actual baseball manager. a team to recognizes super star talent and PLAYS that talent when all the stakes are on the table.

I always love the Hot Stove and duque makes it really fun. But I fear the Hot Stove this season. Miggy will likely be traded away.

here's a thought: how about Posada for Manager? I'd love to see that passion back in pinstripes. and he can't be more stupid than Boone, right?

I'm Bill White said...

The one memory that I plan to take from this forgettable series is a passed ball in Game 3 that pinballed down the third base line. Sanchez ambled toward it with the intensity of a runaway grocery cart in the parking lot when all of a sudden Andujar burst into the frame (I think that a shift was on) and basically shouldered him out of the way to get the ball without actually making contact. But the intent was there.

13bit said...

Until Boone is gone, I'm going to refer to them as "Captain Rectum and his Merry Assholes."

HoraceClarke66 said...

I agree with Alphonso and KD: If I were Andujar, I'd be hoping for a trade. And if that does come about, it will be a tragedy for our side.

I also agree that the Yankees can't win with Boone as manager. But that only gets us back to saying that they can't win with Coops as GM, which is to say they can't win with Hal owning the team.

Boone is going nowhere as long as he does not offend Cash...though I suppose there might be some point where Coops tosses him overboard to preserve his own skin. And Hal is not getting rid of Cash until he really starts to hurt the bottom line.

That could happen sooner than we think. Coops will respond to this bitter loss and the media blasts with a series of stupid trades that will push this team down faster than it would have gone otherwise.

The Yanks will be a distant third in the division next year and miss the playoffs, and in 2020 they may well have their first losing season since 1992. That would probably shave 500,000-750,000 off attendance, depending on the economy.

At that point, Hal may finally start sharpening the axe. But by then, too, Cashman will have thoroughly wrecked this team in its present incarnation.

Anonymous said...


TheWinWarblist said...

Fuck Cashman. And fuck Boone.

Anonymous said...

Boondoggle ain't the only problem. Who hired him and who approved the hire? That's the problem!!!

Anonymous said...

All three of them are the problem - - Buck Foone, Bash Cash, and to hell with Hal. LB (No J)