Sunday, October 14, 2018

It's Always Tease, Tease, Tease. Episode V

Time to take a look at the core of the bullpen, folks:

Chappie:  Hard to see how we're not stuck with him.  And really, I know it's unfair even to put it that way.

For two years now, Machine Gun has really done a fine job for us, with just the occasional meltdown.  We were all spoiled by The Great One.

The ridiculous thing was that he practically had to beg to be taken out this year when his leg was about to fall off—yet another in what would turn out to be a long series of baffling and amateurish coaching/managing failures.

Britton:  Worth trying to bring back?  And at what price?  This is the trouble with rentals.

There were ups, there were downs.  Is he on his way back to being one of the best relievers in the American League?  Or on the downhill?

Chad:  A surprisingly erratic year.  But overall, more dependable than not.

The other question:  do we revive this spring's idea to make him a starter?

Houdini:  Now it starts to get tough.  Robertson has done so much for us—and when the going got toughest, he still looked pretty damned tough.

There were definite signs of age, too, though.  The question is, do we have a ready replacement?

Toonces:  What has become the team's perennial question mark.

Thing is, though, Betances was one of the very few Yankees who actually improved this year—and, one of the very few we might get something for, from a team looking at formidable statistics.

If we keep him...are we letting ourselves in for yet more histrionics?

Esta indecision me molesta...


TheWinWarblist said...

Keep all that lot. Have you seen our starting pitching? We need a long deep bullpen.

apoorplayer said...

Chappie - We are indeed stuck with him. Only Ottovino, Kimbrel and Familia are out there as potential replacements, so why bother? The problem is he will need re-tooling. Throwing 100+ is no longer unusual in the majors, and with injuries and age, his fastball will diminish. He needs another high-quality pitch, and fast.

Chad - at his salary, no reason to dump him at all. Not a starter unless he vastly expands his repertoire.

Houdini - I think he's our best bet right now as Chapman insurance. He'll be 34, which isn't young, but is not quite old. I would love him on a two-year with options deal, but I doubt he will sign anywhere for less than 3, and will probably look for 4. Among reliever free agents he has the third-highest WAR at 1.5

Toonces - Yes, we keep him, and learn to use him exactly the right way. I saw more polish and maturity this season. Again, a 1.7 WAR, much better than any other free agent. Could also be trade bait either in off-season or deadline depending on circumstances.

Chapman, Green, Robertson and Betances make up a good core of late inning relievers who can cover for each other when one is down. Hiccups here and there, but fairly steady over a season.

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with the above.

Doug K.

13bit said...

Yes, I agree with APP and Doug K. One thing, can we have Randy "I'm your emotional support animal" Levine stay away from mentioning Betances in any way when he opens that fat, porcine mouth of his? I have not forgotten how he shat all over that kid and I'm sure Toonces has not forgotten.

HoraceClarke66 said...

And Britton, guys?