Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest. Boston is the better team, on the field and in the front office--on the field because in the front office. Only a diseased organization goes into an elimination game without their star rookie in the lineup. Fuck Cashman and Boone.

Anonymous said...

That bottom of the 9th was a perfect 2018 NY Yankee inning.

I was watching over at a Red Sox fan's house and when Judge walked I said Yankees lose 4-3. Because it doesn't hurt yet and they have to bring the tying and winning runs to the plate for the proper pineapple.

They ran true to form.

Judge Walks.
Didi gets a hit. (The only hit)
Stanton Strikes out Low and Away and STILL doesn't understand how.
They load the bases (but not on a hit)
Hit batsman one run still not a hit)
Sac Fly. second run (#1 in the league at that) Still not a hit.
Game over on ground ball.

Your 2018 Luxury Tax Champions!

Doug K.