Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Poem to Celebrate Giancarlo Stanton's Final At-Bat of 2018

The final frame, of thee I sing,
The game, the season, everything,
Two runners on, the Redsocks cling,
The tying run we'll surely bring,

If only Stanton doesn't swing.

Craig Kimbrel stares, the fourth pitch thrown,
 good ten inches off the zone.
Way down near Stanton's anklebone.
He lunges, strike three! Carved in stone,
Our rally spiked, our chances blown.  

We score two runs, the ninth ends quick,
We simply needed one big stick
One slugging, power-swinging dick,
We might have pulled a magic trick,
Had only Stanton called in sick.

He came to New York seeking fame,
Now sits all winter, full of shame.
A fallen star, a tainted name,
And he could now avoid the blame,
If only Stanton skipped that game.


KD said...

imagine if we had a batter who we could have counted on to hit the ball with authority and put it in play. Imagine if we had a guy like Andujar at bat in that situation! nope. not a chance. he was riding the pines and was never even brought in to pinch hit. unbelievable. we needed a hit and it did not have to be a home run. just a hit! and our doubles machine, our only .300 hitter, just sat there.

how many of us would have pinch hit Miggy for G? I sure as hell would have.

Here's what the Yankees deserve to have happen. Andujar is traded and, after some wheeling and dealing involving several teams, ends up on a team that was playing a former NYY brick-handed knucklehead at 3B. Miggy ends up tormenting the Yanks for years. I wonder which team that may be?

Alibi Ike said...

Go big AND go home.

TheWinWarblist said...

My anger is fading, too tired to rage and rage ...

So endeth the JuJu ...

HoraceClarke66 said...

Great poem, Duque. You, if not the Yankees, are in midseason form.

JM said...

Stanton is a plague on any lineup. My 94 year old mother wouldn't swing at those lousy out-of-the-zone pitches. Maybe his would. He had to learn that somewhere, and Larry Rothschild isn't involved with hitting.

13bit said...

That's beautiful, Duque. I'm re-directing my anger to international politics and towards religious extremism close to home. The Yankees are a nice distraction, but Little Prince Hal cannot be taken seriously.

Time to smell the fucking roses.

Alphonso said...

I will never get over not letting Andujar, who broke Joe DiMaggio's recold for doubles by a rookie, gets zero at-bats in the most crucial game where we had a line-up loaded with failures.

It is like Boone threw the game.

Or Andujar called him an asshole. And he is far too polite and humble to do so.

But you can be sure; Andujar is gone.

I can hear the yankee PR machine now; " You have to give up something to get something."

KD said...

me neither, Fonzie. yet I suppose a computer somewhere spat out a number showing Andujar's defensive liabilities overwhelmed his offensive prowess. so there he sat while our season sputtered to an end.

yep, he's gone. why would the brain trust keep such a player? a player they have no confidence in?

all we can hope is that they don't toss him away for another rental.

Cisco kid said...

Exactly like so many before him Evoldi etc

Cisco kid said...

Angjjar should have been the. D. H ..for that game period. Manager is not calling the shots. No other pitcher fears Stanton. He is not terrible but .He is no ..j d Martinez .sorry he is average. Nice guy but so what and very lucky to b with Yankees cause I believe we were I my ones out there on him