Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Should I Cool It or Should I Blow? Episode Five

All right, wrapping it up here.

I take it nobody's contemplating trading The Gleyber, right?  And we're all for keeping Hicks, if only so we can make him the new Gardy and complain about his many shortcomings, in between praising him for doing so many things kinda sorta more-or-less pretty well?

Good.  So let's get on to our final subjects...

Me tienes que decir...

G.:  Okay, so Duque gave it to us straight today:  we will not be trading Giancarlo Stanton to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a passel of terrific kids.  Bummer.

So what DO we do with him?  If he WERE to opt out after 2020...we would all be dancing in the streets.  It would mean that Stanton had just put in two stunningly good years, at least one of which probably netted us a ring, and what we would should do is wish him a fond farewell as he rides off into the seriously declining part of his career.

But again, what are the odds?

So if we do keep him...what do we do with him?  Try him on first?  Get him a new hitting coach?  For starters, I would say at least hit him back-to-back with Judge.

Severino:  I know, I know.  He's still our ace, and our best bet would be trying to get him back on track.  And maybe all the writers are right for once, and it really is just a case of tipping his pitches.

But I gotta say, that late-to-the-bullpen moment in the biggest game of the year had D-R-U-G-S written all over it, and I don't mean the performance-enhancing kind.

I hate to libel anyone, and you can never tell for sure with Kremlin-on-the Hudson.  But something smells and smells bad here.  Working out a deal would still get us a lot, and might mean shipping away a future implosion.

Aaron Judge:  No way, right?  He's the face of the franchise, maybe the saving face of all baseball in the grim, Red Sox-dominated, all-relief-pitcher-all-the-time, winter-is-coming epoch that is rapidly descending upon us.  A guy who looked mighty clutch at the end of the season.

What's more, he's somebody who pays attention to his whole game.  He's not just a slugger but also a terrific fielder and a very good baserunner.

But submitted for your consideration:  Judge is a very big man, who has now been seriously injured twice in as many seasons.  Each time, it put the Yanks into horrific tailspins.  Were these just flukes—or just the start of an injury-laden career?

Then there's that lurking, .212 batting average on the road, with only 22 ribbies—stats brought UP by a good last series in Boston.

Is this the future, too?  Yet another Yankee who does nothing but swing for the fences, and doesn't get the calls on the road?

Granted, that is more of an organizational problem than just the Big Guy's.

But let's remember:  this is one of the very few Yankees we could probably get a great deal back for, right now.  Shouldn't we at least think about it?

So you got to let me know...


apoorplayer said...

G - We can't deal with Stanton until his first option comes up, so there's that. He has a no-trade clause, so there's that. He is too intense, so we need a hitting coach who can work with him and not only get him to relax at the plate, but also relax in life. He could stand to emulate Judge a little more. He needs to smile! If we can get someone who can do that, he will pay off. If he continues to go up to the plate and try to mash everything like a Frankenstein slugger, trouble ahead.

Severino - classic case of someone who has had too much success and adulation before he was emotionally or psychologically ready to handle it. He simply did not realize (and of course that asshole Rothchild never told him) that the league was eventually going to catch up to him. I don't see drugs; I see a lot of immaturity that the Gammonites have been calling "swagger." Like Stanton, he needs mental re-tooling and an understanding that he won't be facing AAA hitters on a regular basis anymore.

Judge - He's the real deal. Untouchable. Every team needs at least one slugger, and you take the good with the bad with him. He's still young, still a work in progress. He needs time and patience, and he will put in the work to come around.

As I have insisted all along, what the Yankees lack are high-quality coaches and instructors. All three of these guys could benefit greatly from high-quality instruction. It makes me the most angry to constantly realize, when I write one of these goddamn replies, to know the Yankees apparently think there is nothing wrong with the coaching staff!!! That's where I get the most angry. We have young talent that is not being coached and prepared properly. If we should spend money anywhere, we should spend it on the highest-quality coaches we can possibly find. And that won't fucking happen.

Anonymous said...

Stanton -

Hoss, My understanding is it wouldn't be for a passel of kids. It would be a salary dump. No team takes on the that contract and gives up prospects.

And Duque, while remote, a Stanton trade remains possible. It works like this:

LA would have to decide decides they want to spend beacoup bucks on a free agent out fielder (Harper) but would prefer Stanton because he's a better fit for the team and wants to be a Dodger. They trade a Starlin Castro equivalent to us (Do they have an
OK shortstop prospect lying around?)

They get the guy they want (for less - Stanton's salary way less than Harper's projected salary.) They give up some guy. We get out from under Stanton. Freeing up bucks for some other Free Agent (Corbin, Machado, Harper? Not sure how Harper is better. Lefty I guess. Really wants to be a Yankee.

Plus I don't think that these 40 million dollar a year salaries are happening. Not in the current climate.

Not saying this trade happens but it does remain in the realm of possibility for the reasons stated.

Sevi -

I also don't get drugs from him. Wait, that doesn't read well. I don't see the connection betw... Hmmmn. I don't think he has a drug problem. Also he's not going anywhere. Best as I can tell something happens to him during the game where he is insanely sharp. no hitter stuff and then completely falls apart. They should look at that. Does Sanchez get arrogant and asks him to do stuff that is riskier? Does he lose pinpoint accuracy when his arm gets a little tired and they don't adjust? Whatever. He's here for the duration. Particularly since we only have him and Tanaka on the roster right now as guaranteed starters.

Judge - I'm surprised you gave Hicks a pass but we're talking about Judge. Hicks is in his walk year. (I think he stays - but I wonder what he's asking for - long term?) Judge? Judge is the love child of Mickey Mantle and Derick Jeter. As apoorplayer said he is the face of the franchise and probably some other parts too.

Hoss, The Post and the News always did management as well. Maybe it's moot and we are kind of purgey around here and I can't think of who oesn't get the thumbs down So I guess it's not necessary. Again thanks for doing this. As my imaginary Mid-Western friends would say, "It was a hoot!"

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Thanks, Doug K., it was my pleasure. And sure, I could do management. But does ANYONE here want them to stay?

Anonymous said...

Probably not worth doing.

Given this crowd, we'd probably be dumping ball boys.

Doug K.

JM said...

Severino is nowhere near our ace. We don't have one.

I continue to say, trade Hicks. Get Harper. Hicks probably won't go, but he should. He's just not good enough offensively.

Nice arm, though.

Unknown said...

The late to the bullpen mess needs to be addressed, no matter what the reason. Unless the reason is totally beyond Severino's ability to control, it should be the start of his post-season job review. I can think of myriad of reasons - good, bad and bonehead stupid - for being late to the biggest game of the year. But I'd need to see some evidence that drugs are the reason.

I think mollycoddling precocious, but emotionally immature talent may be the root cause. Sanchez ain't the only one who needs to grow up on that team.

Speaking of grownups, Judge is a special talent and you either have one on your team or you don't. He's clearly the leader on the team, so just crown him captain and expect to pay him the way you paid Jeter, Stanton, ARod and others.

I mean, if we're not going to have a professional manager, can the team at least have a captain?