Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Dodgers Lost The Same Way the Yankees Lost !

While the Yankees led all major league teams in home runs, the Dodgers led the NL league in that statistic.

Yet, the Dodgers were unable to score runs against Boston.  They were not ahead even when a young starter pitched 7 innings of shut out ball, at home, for them.

So they lost.  Early and often.

The truth;  they could not manufacture runs.  They don't play baseball they way it was designed to be played.

Once a quality pitcher faced them, the home runs pretty much disappeared.  And the strike outs soared, as they had during the season.  See Giancarlo Stanton for strike out technique.

The Dodgers were more successful than the Yankees because :

1.  They have better starting pitching
2.  They play better defense
3.  Have more speed

In the end, however, with the home runs becoming rare, they just could not get ahead, and they couldn't hold leads.  Mostly, the Dodgers just never scored, got on base, or threatened.

Even with Manny Machado able to hit well for them, his lack of interest in the games dragged the morale of the team into the sewer.  Just the kind of guy the Yankees need, right?

The Yankees cannot win with the present " formula."

The Dodgers were better and couldn't win either.

This winter can only make things worse.


13bit said...

A mighty "YEP" on all counts, Alphonso. Somebody had better tap Cashman on the shoulder during his next happy ending massage and clue him in to these things. Then again, you can't teach a moron.

He got a lot of mileage out of Watson and Stick's team, along with Zimmer as the bench captain AND some super solid players. He's not getting so far on his own now and, in truth, has not for almost two decades.

When do you shut mediocrity down?

Anonymous said...




JM said...

Yessir. Notable player goats aside, this team's failure is squarely on the shoulders of Cashman and Hal. Boone is merely a pawn, and a poor one at that.