Saturday, June 19, 2010

New face of the Yankees

So now Derek finally limps off with a bruised heel.

Just shows what too many hits over too many years can do. That heel pounding on base after base will take a toll.

So today we should have Russo at third, Pena at short, Cervelli or Moeller catching, Gondorf in left, Ken Phelps in center and Alex, Jorge and CC Sabathia at DH.

I think Hughes and Pelfry will both pitch brilliantly.

But the Yanks will continue their inability to hit the ball when it matters. Tex alone might leave ten guys on base.

We won it all last year. Our 27th championship of the world.

Let's be happy for that.

It has to collapse one day. A team can't play well at the championship level when all its stars have been playing for 36+ years. The grind wears down human molecules.

And when the best players remaining in your system are the Russo's, Gondorf's and Mark Melancon's of baseball, you can assign someone to turn out the lights.

I'll say this one more time; the Yankees have no prospects. If Cashman panics, as he did with Austin Jackson, Matsui and Damon, we are in danger of becoming the Knicks.

The optimist in me wants to say, " just because we no longer have any teeth does not mean we can't still enjoy some luke warm oatmeal or jello."

But we are going to be taking an early afternoon nap, come October.