Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We drafted Baseball America's 168th ranked player in the first round

Should we worry? Of course.

Not that Cito Culver won't pan out. Whodafuk knows? (He's from Rochester.) Internet mock drafts are crapola, a bunch of dorks comparing lists and pretending to be Mel Kuiper, which is like turtles wanting to be toads. Good grief, Yankee blogs are good-hearted data-grabbers, but they have an Argentina-sized blindspot when it comes to the draft. Nobody knows nuthin. A video of some kid's swing not a scouting report. Still... Rochester! Raised on the mother's milk of Genny Cream!

This we know: Great baseball name. Cito Culver. It follows up last year's great name, Slade Heathcott. Maybe the Yankees are assembling a team of Dickens characters. 

But there is a concern here, and it CAN be called from the upper deck in rightfield, where we sit dabbing at the blood from our nose. 

Hubris, folks. Hubris. 

The Yankee brass seems to have a need to be smartest guy in the lobby. They pick the nobody and win the lottery. That mentality chose Andrew Brackman, who pitched last night at single A, went six and gave up three. Sure as sugar, somebody today will say Brackman -- on track to make the majors by age 39 -- is ready to perfect his command and break out. (Translation: He's like every pitching prospect in baseball.) We haven't gotten much from first picks lately. That seems to tell more about us than the picks.

Hubris, folks. Whenever the king says the locusts are gone, whenever the president says Mission Accomplished, whenever the oil company says no leakage... put on your boots. They're flashing the light in your eyes. Cito Culver may be a stretch. Fine. OK. I just hope the Yankee Pooh Bahs realize these picks aren't about showing how clever they are - but building a system. (Last year, the Redsocks outsmarted themselves with the Penny/Smoltz/Baldelli show. It remains to be seen whether we'll have done the same with Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson.)

Soon, Bud Selig's big day comes: July 2: Major League Pedophilia Day. Right now, teams are slobbering over 15-year-old Latino boys like a Irish Priest with a closet full of khakis. Let's see what the Yankees pull from that pool of corruption. Then we'll see how oh-so-smart they are.


Swishalicious said...

We'll need him when we have to move Jeter to first because Tex can't hit his own age

spankie said...

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Alphonso said...

The last guy we drafted as a shortstop in the first
round wound up playing point guard at kansas state.