Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games, eliminated? Did Andy Pettitte crush the fight for the 25th roster spot?

This spring, the lone controversy across the Yankiverse - aside from whether Cashman's stalker was the best he could do - has been the quest to be Number 25. At times, it has pitted lefty pitchers (Clay Rapada! Cesar Cabral!) against veteran infielders (Bill Hall! Ramiro Pena!) and cagy outfielders (Chris Dickerson! Justin Maxwell!). Who would become The Final Yankee... as opposed to spending the season homeless, a member of the Empire State Traveling Wilkes Barres?

Now, it's basically a one-month prize. Andy Pettitte will return on or about May 1. He will knock somebody - Freddy Garcia, perhaps - into the bullpen, which will domino down the line, until somebody gets a mileage voucher to wherever on the New York State Thruway the former Scrantonians are currently holed-up.

But, you say, injuries will open slots for Man No. 25. One tweaked hammy, and the guy is back in the Bronx.

But in late June, Joba Chamberlain should return.

Number 25, we hardly knew ye.


Joe De Pastry said...

Or Saint Andy might pull his groin before May 1.

Grosse Pointe said...

Pull this!

Joe De Pastry said...

To Grosse Point:
this? What is "this"? How am I supposed to pull something if you don't tell me what it [or "this"] is? And why would you think I would pull some "this", anyway? Just because you told me to? What are you, the vice president in charge of who pulls what? What pulling experience do you have that qualifies you for such a position? Why would someone want such a job? I'm puzzled.
Very truly yours,