Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My 2012 Organizational Rankings list

1. New York Yankees
2. New York Giants
3. Pittsburgh Pirates (Go, AJ!)
4. Seattle Mariners (Go, Jesus!)
5. Buffalo Bills (They have never hurt me.)
6. Chicago Cubs (Sympathy.)
7. Penn State football (For Joe: R.I.P.)
8. Hobart College lax (Alma mater; but what's the point anymore?)
9. New York Knicks (Jeremy Lin!)
10. Washington Nationals (Chien-Ming Wang!)
11. St. Louis Cardinals (Love Tony LaRussa!)
12. New York Rangers (In memory of Eddie Giocomin.)
13. New Orleans Saints (Still feel bad about that hurricane.)
14. Baltimore Colts (Great movie: "Diner.")
15. University of Florida (A buddy runs the show there.)
16. Syracuse (Taught there, but still hate SU lax.)
17. Toronto Blue Jays (Once met Carlos Delgado.)
18. Cornell lax (Except against Hobart.)
19. Oakland A's. (Brad Pitt.)
20. Oakland Raiders (Used to like Ben Davidson.)

1 comment:

Flavius said...

The Knicks are ahead of the Rangers? Is this a joke? They are an embarrassment, and so is this list.