Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Risk-addicted Cash told Damon thanks but no thanks

Not trying to gang up on Brian Cashman today, but Johnny Damon - who is currently a homeless WiFi hotspot at the SXSW festival in Texas - went on the radio yesterday to tell about how badly he wanted to be a Yankee, and how Cashman was just looking at his watch throughout the conversation.

According to Damon, Johnny was willing to play for whatever the Yankees wanted to pay him, but Cash said nope. He gave some blahblah about Raul Ibanez being better in leftfield, or not wanting to take at-bats from the great Andruw Jones, or how a massive solar flares might erase a bar videotape that somebody somewhere was trying to procure.

Over the last year, Cashman seems to have become bent on living dangerously, on taking huge risks - the kind that put his professional career and his personal life on the line. His family situation has tanked. If his trades go bust too, we should start worrying about the guy.

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