Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Few Early August Notes

Hope you all have been enjoying the lazy, hazy days of summer.  There have been some happenings, mostly kept in the background;

1.  Remember Diego ( what's his name) who pitched 5+ no-hit innings of relief during the Chris Capuano, "melt-down," game?  At 28, he is having arm surgery. And he showed such potential.

2.  The aforementioned Chris is working out a deal to sell Furillo pre-owned vehicles in Syracuse, NY.

3.  Mason Williams was not traded because he is having shoulder surgery today ( not a good prognosis for a prospect CF with upside potential).  He should be in great shape to return to AA in about 2 years, when he'll still be only 27.

4.  The Cashman inspired giveaway of Flores and Martinez yielded us a guy who, after 3
swings ( 0-3 ), is moving onto the DL.  I guess Cashman doesn't believe in pre-trade physicals, or anything like that.  Pineda came to us ready for surgery , as well, if I recall correctly.  But Brian says, " he has no regrets and no hard feelings toward Seattle ( they have photos ).

5.  Speaking of Michael Pineda, the Yankees announced today, " that they are hoping to have him back in September."  But they neglected to mention the year.

See you tonight, then, at the stadium.


Anonymous said...

1. The problem with some of this is that we're likely to see Capuano back on the mound for the Yankees before August is out.

2. Any reasonable interpretation of what Cashman's said about Ackley (before the injury) boils down -- free semantic translation -- to "I'm really sorry I got rid of Martin Prado."

3. The problem with getting rid of Garrett Jones boils down to: He could pitch the 9th inning of a 13-1 ballgame. The Ys might well need such pinch-pitching help.....

jdrny said...

Goodbye Jones & Ackley

Bring back Refsnyder as a utility OF/IF backup would make sense. (Is he still available??)

John M said...

Slade and the Judge. Pick one. And Ref.

Severino is the new Cy Young. All pitching solved.

See how easy that was?