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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What we think about, when we think about Dustin Ackley

One of these days, Dustin Ackley - the 1B-OF who came over in Cashman's trade deadline deal-making ibogaine-delirium, and who was supposed to replace Garrett Jones, "the glove of stones," but who suddenly reported back problems, which the honest-as-the-day-is-long Seattle Mariners brain trust knew ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about, when they dealt his ass like a basket of peach pits - is almost healed. He will soon play rehab games.

That's great news for everyone who is obsessed with following the 40th slot on the Yankee depth chart. Because that's where the healthy Ackley might fit in.

Every time I see Greg Bird - who has now played a key role in two Yankee victories - I ponder the fact that if Dustin Ackley were healthy, Bird would still be walking the mean streets of Scranton. Instead for a young and exciting player in his first MLB opportunity, we'd be watching another veteran hitter who couldn't adjust to MLB pitchers after they adjusted to him. 

Actually, that's not fair to Ackley. But he was hitting about .220. So don't get me wrong. I hope the guy figures it out and, thus, saves his career. If Chris Young can do it, anybody can. And I'm not even ripping Cashman for the deal: Ramon Flores, the promising young OF we traded to Seattle, just wrecked his ankle and will be out for months. Fate works in mysterious ways.

Ackley's injury opened the door for Bird. Maybe the key is not hoarding old guys in their final incarnation. Maybe it's having a wave of young players, hungry for a chance.


Leinstery said...

Garret Jones pretty much won that series in Seattle and proceeded to really do not much else. Still, for whatever reason I liked Garret Jones and was disappointed to see him go.

John's call for Bird "Bye bye Birdie. Here he is, the Birdman of New York." I can't believe I didn't see Bye bye Birdie. I know John LOVES musicals, and I know of maybe 3 or 4 musicals, Bye Bye Birdie being one of them. As for the Birdman part - Eh, not really necessary. That first part is classic John and good enough that it doesn't need to be pumped up by a second call.

John M said...

I second what Leinstery said. One too many calls in that call.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I triple what Leinstery said, keep the call short and sweet!

Tom said...

Sterling wants to know why he would use only one line when he could be a bigger ham with two. I mean, he's not known for being concise. As much as we all love him and everything, but ...

ceeja said...

There's still time to try out a rendition of "The bird is the word." I'm activiely campaigning for it.