Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Thank you, Ollie Perez: A gift-wrapped victory, courtesy of a former Met, belies the Yankee reality: Help is not on the way

This is some ridiculous cyber-stat called
Runs Created per Game. Basically, this is
the number of runs you'd get if you had
nine hitters like each of these guys.
In the end last night, you were just glad to not be an Astros fan. That would be a soul-crusher. You escape jams all night, then have the 26th man on a 25-man roster walk the bases loaded with nobody out. Yowzer. A kidney stone defeat. We of the Yankiverse know them well. Last night, that bed of nails was theirs. Houston, you have a problem.

Ah, but who's kidding here. So do we. The standings show us tied with Toronto in the AL East. What a crock. Spiritually, we are behind them by three games - yes, the ones they took in NYC, back when we had the Division won, but couldn't hold our water. We did take the series in Toronto - that epic battle between Tulo and Miller still echoes - but we lost the final game, and nothing was decisive. We still have to beat them, nobody else is, and our team has been bat-dead since it mopped the floors with Texas and Anaheim. When was that? Last month? Last year?

We have finally deciphered the binary code messages from outer space: Help is not on the way. For months we thought Rob Refsnyder would learn 2B and free us from Stephen "O for 2" Drew. Aint a-gonna happen. Drew will just keep lashing hot grounders into the over-shift, and his RH platoon, Brendan Ryan will be no better. It's comical these days when Drew - .199 - comes up, because John Sterling bursts with anticipation; "One hit, ONE HIT, and he will get above that .200 mark!" The Master cries. "ONE HIT." You'd think Drew was chasing Barry Bonds. One hit.

Nope. Help is not on the way. It's increasingly clear that Greg Bird needs more seasoning. He's a year away. If Tex next season goes down, Bird steps in. But not this year. Last night, with McCann on third and nobody out, Bird couldn't put the bat on the ball. Last night, they figured him out.

Help isn't on the way. Slade Heathcott keeps hurting himself. Dustin Ackley is a phantom who doesn't really exist. The entire bullpen of Scranton is mere mop-up fodder in meaningless games. But we're not Houston. At least we weren't last night.


John M said...

In this, our Parity Paradise, all teams are just over our shoulder, all hot teams possible World Series champs a la the NFL, all hot dogs and beer overpriced everywhere.

To that second point: it's getting amazingly like the NFL. You don't have to be the best team over a grueling season, you just have to get hot at the right point and stay hot through the playoffs. Then you're champs.

Remember, it's great for the fans. Cough.

Tom said...

Hey, now! That was a good win last night. Eovaldi has strung a couple of overpowering performances together, sort of like he's intending to be a good pitcher, which is a good thing to have on your team. And Ollie Perez may be a sad sack in NY, but his numbers this year are a bit better than respectable. Yes, he did crap the bed upon entering the game last night, but I don't think he's been doing that all year. Our guys just have Good Eyes and can lay off the close ones, which is a good thing since they can't actually hit the ball when it does cross the plate.

Great moment in sports broadcasting: John Sterling forecast the play at the plate in the 7th with this gem: "Now, McCann is really slow." I would certainly never tell Girardi what to do, but with no outs and runners on the corners in the late innings, wouldn't it be wise to send somebody out there who is just slow. Unless Girardi knew that there was going to be a strike 'em out-throw 'em out in the 8th inning. You just can't predict baseball!

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Yikes! This current run scoring anemia of the Yankees inspires no confidence that they can keep up with the likes of the Jays. Maybe, just maybe, the Jays will drift back down to earth, but I'm afraid that the Yanks insane July power surge has dried up for the season,,,, really hope I'm wrong!

John M said...

Tom has a point. Ken has a point. As for my head...

The Yankees are streaky. Have been all year. Every time they go on a tear, you can be sure you're going to pay for it with a losing streak, offensive disappearance, and probably lousy pitching performances. At best, mediocrity.

The Jays are on a hell of a tear. We can only hope that they, too, are doing the Streak.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Bless you John M for the good vibes your bringing! Sorry I'm a real Debbie Downer these days with this team, I just can't shake the feeling that they emptied the tank in July and are running on fumes,,,,, maybe they can find it again, or maybe it finds them, LOL, whatever the hell it takes!

ceeja said...

The formula is the Ellsbury and Gardner get on; A Rod, Teix, and McCann knock them in. And then occasional production from Beltran & Headley. It they are lucky enough to shake out of some slumps/injuries and get back to that formula, they'll be fine.

KD said...

C'mon, Yanks! I didn't grow this ridiculous mustache for nothing, you know.

ceeja said...

Much better than 2013 and 2014. If they make the playoffs, which is altogether possible, they have as good a chance as anyone else. Tanaka, Pineda, Eovaldi, and Severino could be lights out, and the bullpen is good. Just hope the bats don't fall asleep like they did the last time they were in the playoffs.

jdrny said...

My feeling. Drop A-Rod to 6th in batting order. He is not a # 3 anymore. Let Tex, Beltran, McCann bat in from of him.
Girardi needs to do something to shake up offense and try to be creative. Duh.