Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Daily News pukes on Yankiverse, says fans should be happy with Wild Card

Do you believe this slop? It's from Anthony McCarron, who used to man the Daily News Fifth.

We do not subscribe to the absurd Jeterian notion that any season that ends with a loss is an abject failure. With that outlook in mind, this Yankee year already should be deemed a success by virtue of the fact the Bombers had a chance to clinch a postseason berth Monday night if a few tumblers fell right.

Dear Lord, protect us from those who would have the Yankees be the Kansas City Royals, and who would happily accept anything less than a World Championship. 

Do not let them infect us.

Listen: It's NOT A CRIME in this world to root for AT LEAST ONE WINNING TEAM. It's not a sin to expect that team to win, and to demand nothing less. It doesn't matter if it is Ohio State in football, or Duke in basketball, or the Lakers or Vince Lombardi's Packers. IT'S NOT A CRIME TO EXPECT YOUR TEAM TO WIN. In New York, we can shrug off the horrible Knicks and drink away the last-minute meltdowns of the Jersey Giants. All we have - or once had - was the assurance that the Yankees were in it for keeps. 

It is NOT A CRIME to want - and to expect - the Yankees to win every season. 


Gherkin McGee said...

Damn Straight!

KD said...

Cubs fan, perhaps?

ceeja said...

What a loathsome performance last night. Just what is the problem with getting a hit with runners in scoring position? Reminds me of the great line from third baseman Gary Gaetti when he blew a throw to tank the Twins' pennant drive in 1985: "It's very difficult to make a throw when you have both hands wrapped around your neck"