Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Uh Huh

Gee, just a total mystery here. No idea how a drug dealer could have got a Sox WS ring. Just amazing. Isn't it? Wonder who gave it to him?

Drug search outside Boston turns up missing World Series ring
When a team of Massachusetts police officers entered a suburban Boston home looking for drugs, they found a 2004 Red Sox World Series ring, officials said on Wednesday. 
 The officers had been watching a home in Quincy, south of Boston, on Tuesday afternoon when they saw Dennis Leclair, 47, allegedly selling Oxycodone tablets to two men outside his building. 
 Police approached Leclair and arrested him before executing a search warrant on his home. When they entered, they found Oxycodone tablets, police scanners, a money counting machine, more than $9,000 in cash and the World Series ring, police said. 
 Police said they are unsure how Leclair came to be in possession of the ring but said that it had been reported missing by a Red Sox employee. 
 Red Sox officials declined to comment, saying the investigation is continuing. 
 "It’s bizarre," said a Quincy police dispatcher, who declined to provide his name. "Never seen something like that before." 
 Officers continue to investigate the ring, police said. 
 Leclair was charged with drug offenses and one count of receiving stolen property valued over $250. It was not immediately clear if he had yet retained an attorney.

OK, so which player from the 2004 team do you think pays for the attorney? 


Tom said...

Anybody still think Betances is healthy?

As for the soiled ring, the Red Sox and their once-somewhat righteous fan base sold their souls. It worked and they crawled out of their holes to snare three World Series. But they cheated and were not pure of heart and lost their way. Pretty clear what happened here.

Rufus said...

Does the dealer know Jared Remy?