Tuesday, December 1, 2015

So long, Chris Young, it wasn't your fault...

Last winter, the Yankees signed three retreads to cheap, one-year deals, marking our emerging status as coupon-clippers in the MLB marketplace. The Retrieval Empire signed Chris Young, Stephen Drew and Chris Capuano for about $13 million, overall.

You know by now that Capuano was a complete disaster - the baseball equivalent of a Rob Schneider/movie - Drew was a season-long disappointment, and that Young was money well spent: He became an effective RH platoon, though the guy couldn't hit righties for a lick, and now and then, his bat went soggy for a month.

Yesterday, Boston reportedly signed Young to a two-year deal, and I can't summon any spit to hurl in his direction. I don't blame him. He'll play squash with their left field wall and surely win a game against us, because all ex-Yankees do. Supposedly, this frees up GM Dave Dombrowski to make one of his signature blockbuster trades, and all I can say is: Let's hope.

Last year, Young batted .327 against lefties, but bring in a righty - hello, Dellin? - and the guy looks more like the ex-Met from two years ago. Last year, Young hit .182 against righties, and he cannot hit when behind in the count - (he batted .166.) Young falls into slumps - (in May .132, and in August .122.) He murdered Redsocks pitching last year - .366 against them - so they're ahead of the game, just by getting him off the streets. But I think he'll be staring at that Green Monster like its Sharon Stone uncrossing her legs - and by July, he'll be a hopelessly homer-happy version of the last incarnation of Andruw Jones. Let's hope.

Of course, Young was gone once we traded for Aaron Hicks, who is now the official Great Yankee Hope for 2016. If Hicks becomes a breakout star, we could be in the chase. If Hicks stumbles - well - we're just a year-older version of the 2015 Yankees in a league that revolves around youth.

Sad to see Young go. I harbor no ill will toward the guy. Next year, he'll beat us in one game, but if Joe has a righty in the pen and his famous binder nearby, Young should never beat us twice.

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