Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Yankiverse Fantasy Island: We're somehow going to trade our way to the World Series?

Lately, having nothing else to blog, Yankee blogs are blogging possible trades that will save the team. In some cases, they are clearly tripping. In these Syd Thrift ibogaine deliriums, they somehow imagine Jacoby Ellsbury moving to Milwaukee, or Theo Epstein coveting Ivan Nova. We are super geniuses, and they are the cloned spawns of Isaiah Thomas and Rich Kotitte. We always get a future star that the other team fails to see. And we always get him for the next Jesus Montero.

Dream on.

For starters, Brian Cashman NEVER conforms to projections. Did anybody predict John Ryan Murphy leaving for Aaron Hicks? If so, they blogged it in their sleep. I missed it.

So, are we supposed to continue playing this little happy-talk parlor game, bubbling about Yankee trades so the team can sell Christmas swag? Gee, willikers,  who will the Yankees get? How well can Cashman swindle people? Can he trade the next Jesus with a straight face?

Insert sigh here.

Listen: Nobody is going to give the Yankees a bag of balls, without making us overpay. Even GMs who are personal drinking buddies of Cashman work in cities whose fan bases loathe the Yankees. If they give away a good young player, without getting two in return, they'll lose their jobs.

The Yankees' farm system is improving. But it's not among the top tier. We are three years away from a wave of young players than might make a difference. (By the way, you could say the same about every other team in baseball.) Hate to say it, but without an owner willing to spend money on free agents, we are stuck in the big muddy. We are going to trade our way out? Good luck.

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