Thursday, January 14, 2016

A way to save the NFL from its poverty

This is a comment from LOCAL BARGAIN JERK, and it's absolutely right-on. The NFL needs help, desperately, and food stamps simply won't be enough. Here's LBJ...

Here is my proposal to restore order to the universe:

1) Rams move to LA (already done)

2) Chargers stay put in San Diego

3) Arizona Cardinals move to St. Louis and keep the same name and colors

4) Houston Texans rename themselves as the Houston Oilers and change their colors (including restoring the cool oil rig logo on their helmets)

5) Baltimore Ravens rename themselves as the Baltimore Colts and change their colors.

6) Indianapolis, Tennessee, and Arizona duke it out for the Titans and dress however they like and rename themselves to whatever they feel like (e.g., the Indianapolis Fast Foodies, Arizona Fence Climbers, Tennessee Who Really Carers, etc.). If this is too difficult, we could make use of the fact that there is no need for 3 football teams in the State of Florida. We could throw in the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and have a 5-city scrum for the 3 teams.

Regardless, once 1-5 are complete, we can all sleep at night. 

This is exactly what needs to happen. I would add that the Raiders should stay in Oakland and - most importantly - the Gints would move to the new Yankee Stadium, so Food Stamps Hal can get some badly needed rental money. 

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ceeja said...

Let's collect the pennies all readers are keeping in their drawers and mail them to Hal with an open letter expressing sympathy for his plight. I'm really losing sleep over this. Why don't we do more to help our beloved and neglected tycoons? They are people too and have feelings -- and needs.