Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cameron in CF? Twenty-six reasons why this is horrible

1. He'll be lucky to bat .240.
2. He'll turn 36 in a month.
3. He'll strike out 140 times.
4. He'll get caught stealing one out of four times.
5. We could have gotten more for Melky.
6. He'll make $10 million next year.
7. What else did we promise C.C.?
8. He'll block any chance of Brett Gardner getting a shot.
9. Lifetime average in the post-season: .174
10. "Former gold-glover?" Three years ago.
11. He tested positive for amphetamines in 2007. They suspended him 25 games.
12. As bad as Melky was last year, he still outhit Cameron.
13. Twenty-five home runs and only 70 RBI? With those numbers, he would have fit right in with the 2008 Yankees.
14. Milwaukee only exercized its option on the guy in the hopes of dumping Cameron to the Yankees. They didn't want him.
15. They're always "great clubhouse guys" when playing. When their career comes to an end and they're on the bench, all bets are off.
16. He's already had a go-around in New York. There is no reason to think coming to the big city will elevate his play.
17. With Matsui, Damon, Cameron and Nady, we'll probably have the oldest OF in the majors. (I'm too depressed to do the math.)
18. It's a really bad precendent to be trading for a star's entourage.
19. We want Andy Pettitte to accept a $10 million salary, and we're going to take this guy for $10 million?
20. Career: Fourteen hundred hits. Sixteen hundred strikeouts.
21. Last year with runners in scoring position and two outs: .205.
22: Average with full-count: .152.
23: Average in May (the month we've tanked): .212.
24: Career average at Fenway: .220
25. Melky was one of ours. He deserved one more shot.
26. Swisher (135 strikeouts) at first and Cameron (140 strikeouts) in center. There's a half-inning worth going to the kitchen for a sandwich!


Horrified Alphonso said...

Nice work, Duque.

Unfortunately, I can list another 26 reasons.

She-Fan said...

I'm removing all sharp objects from my house. I wish Cashman's first name was Tom so I could write about his Tomfoolery.

Yankees Shamus said...

I just puked in my mouth and shit in my pants at the same time...

adam said...

I don't understand why it's so bad. Yeah, he's old, but he's still better defensively in CF than anybody else on the team save Melky (and better than most of the league, I should add), and his bat is no worse than average. 25 homeruns is nothing to turn your nose at when Melky would've been our best option otherwise.

You guys are so fucking negative sometimes for no good reason... it's not that bad of a move. Was it a fair trade altogether? Probably not, but it's not the worst deal ever by a long shot.

el duque said...


We are historically more negative than we probably should be. It's a defense mechanism. I've watched Alphonso say things about the Yankees we'd never let a Redsock fan get away with, but it's only because it hurts him so much when the Yankees lose, he needed something to hold onto.

But it's not a very spirited defense when you say ..."it's not the worst deal ever by a long shot." You might be setting the bar a little low, eh?

adam said...

Low, sure, I'll grant you that, but they could've done a lot worse in drawing out a trade. It's a decided step up.. even if it's a questionable, potentially injury-laden step up. I'd say there's benefits for both teams.

el duque said...


I get into big arguments with Alphonso about this, so I respect opposing opinions...

But I am a Brett Gardner believer.

This guy has been a catalyst at ever level he has played, and it's because he makes adjustments. His numbers didn't leap out at us last year, but his potential did.

Cameron is Tony Womack, just a guy who makes a ton of money and sits in front of somebody who might make a difference. If he has a big month of April, bet the house he'll have an awful month of May. We know exactly what we're getting. You're right: 25 HR is nothing to sneer at. But all those strikeouts. And age 36. You'd think a guy would learn, maybe transform his game. Cameron has not been able to do that.

I know, he's a stand-up guy. Everybody loves him. I remember Rondell White fondly, even though he never hit a lick for us. But I believe we are going to piss Gardner right down the tubes, never even give him a chance, and it will happen when he have a gaping hole in centerfield.