Saturday, December 13, 2008

CNN Meat Puppies Mention Yanks

Today... CNN Saturday Morning...

Because nothing else happened in the world...

T.J. HOLMES: All right. Let's turn to C.C. here.


HOLMES: C.C. Sabathia, the economy is struggling; it's changing how the business of sports is done. However, the Yankees don't seem to be bothered, $160 million. Is that even responsible at this time?

HORROW: Responsibility has nothing to do with competition. The Yankees said we want to sign a pitcher. They've made offers to other big time pitchers; the top three players in baseball are all Yankees. The team is worth $1.3 billion according to "Forbes" and keeps going up. Here's the stat. There's a Michigan businessman who says, "I want to make money in baseball." They're officially sanctioned casket and urns with Major League Baseball logos on it.


HORROW: The top selling casket, a Yankee casket at $4,500. Now that Sabathia has signed, they're going to increase the price of that casket.

HOLMES: They seem immune to what's happening in the economy. Some, I guess, some teams just are. But some teams, some leagues even aren't. Now, we talk about the AFL struggling. I mean, a lot of people don't know about it, the Arena Football League and couldn't name any teams. But it's been around awhile and it has some relative success. Is it possible this entire league could go under?

Ever wonder if these people are getting laid?


Anonymous said...

Where's David Gergen? He's not in your montage! I do wonder if he ever gets laid. As was written on The Daily Beast blog, "David Gergen looks like a handsome baked potato."

Anonymous said...

Who ever gets laid anymore?

Anonymous said...

The US Tax Payers are getting fucked, thats for sure....

I drive a Nissan Pathfinder and a Toyota Camry. Am I supposed to feel bad for Detroit?

Before my Pathfinder, I drove a Durango that I bought new and lasted three years before the transmission fell out.