Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Top 15 Iconic Images of the 2008 Yankees

Counting down... like on TV...

15. Players on hands and knees scooping dirt from the Yankee Stadium infield following the final game.

14. Kyle Farnsworth crying after learning he’s been traded.

13. Chien-Ming Wang rounding third, sprinting toward home.

12. Joe, marching to the mound with a long face, hand outstretched, preparing to the take the ball.

11. That Tampa Bay Ray asshole pulverizing Francisco Cervelli in a meaningless spring exhibition, breaking the young catcher’s wrist.

10. A-Rod walking back to the dugout, biting his lip, shaking his head, then glancing back at the pitcher who just fanned him.

9. Sweat cascading from Sidney Ponson’s forehead.

8. Pinch-runner Justin Christian picked off first, killing a potential ninth inning rally, in a crushing defeat.

7. Mike Mussina being hugged after recording the first 20th win of his great career.

6. Jason Giambi slapping his hands together, grinning behind his mustache, standing at second base, in one of his short-lived hitting streaks.

5. Johnny Damon crashing into the left field wall, injuring his shoulder, trying to make a great catch.

4. Bobby Abreu stopping and turning to watch a ball hit the right field wall.

3. Carl Pavano walking to the dugout after retiring the side in order, facing boos.

2. The great Mariano Rivera, doffing his cap to reveal a bald spot.

1. Derek Jeter at home plate, saying it’s the fans that made Yankee Stadium great, in the most memorable speech of his life, aside from the one he’ll make going into the Hall.

What did I miss?


Anonymous said...

You pretty much covered it. Good job, duque. I'd respectfully add:
- Cano and Betemit watching the ball bounce between them into the outfield, letting the run score.
- Ian Kennedy telling the beat writers, "I'm not that upset that I stink."
- Phil Hughes breaking his ribs and not realizing it.

Anonymous said...

Bernie back in center. Rivera striking out Manny on three pitches. Melky unable to bunt.

Anonymous said...

Jeter breaking the all time his at Yankee Stadium record.

Girardi doing his Billy Martin impression.

Whatever Melky's face looked like after he got busted down to the minors.

And my favorite. Joba dominating Beckett in his own house.

Anonymous said...

hits* not his

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, yeah... memories that will haunt me forever.

Wasn't there a game when Jose Veras and Edwar Ramirez gave up 10 runs to the Angels without recording an out, or something like that? Or was it a drug hallucination.

Please, tell me it was a drug hallucination.

Anonymous said...

No idea. Im very experienced at blocking out memories.

Thanks mom.

Anonymous said...

My favorite: Giambi flipping off Brian Roberts after hitting a single through the shift.

Anonymous said...

Jason delivered more iconic moments than clutch hits.