Monday, December 1, 2008

Redsock Fans to Rot in Hell for Eternity

Insert joke here...

ROCKLAND, Mass. (AP) — Lifelong Red Sox fans can now take their love of the team to the next level — eternity. A Massachusetts funeral home recently took delivery of the first Red Sox casket, which features the team logo on the exterior as well as the inside.

The casket is manufactured by Eternal Image of Michigan, which has a licensing agreement with Major League Baseball.


Anonymous said...

Er,um. Never mind.

Wading Bird said...

What's next?
D-backs fans sign up to be buried in coffins shaped like Randy Johnson's Big Unit?

Mustang said...

And there's a secret compartment in case Manny has to pee.

(Wow, that would have been so funny a year ago.)

-- Superfrankenstein